I took my Nclex-RN last week 7/18/2018 I got 75 questions. Walked out of the testing center in tears. Called my mom, we were already planning for me to test again in 45 days. Got home called my friend from nursing school. She suggested I do the PVT, I didn’t want to do it because I did it the last time I tested and god the “bad pop up” and I did fail. However I decided to give it a try to try and ease my mind a little concerning my results. I did the PVT and this time I got the “good pop up” that gave me some relief, but I was still holding my breath. In VA we don’t have quick results. I kept typing my name on the BON website, and behold 24hrs later my name, license number, and etc showed up! I couldn’t be happier! I passed Nclex-RN you can do the same. Never! Give up!!
Steps to do PVT
Go on the Pearson website
Register for the Nclex just as you did the first time.
Fill everything out
When you get to the credit card section
Type in the right cc number, name, and expiration date
Put in the wrong CVC on the back of card
Click submit l(the trick won’t work until you click submit)
If you are afraid to spend $200 use and old card and change up a few things like exp date or something
If you receive a message saying “Our records indicate…” congrats! You passed!
If you receive a message saying “Your credit card has been declined” I’m sorry, you’ve failed
Best of luck everyone!


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