Why did you decide to become a nurse?


Tell us your unique story on why you decided to become a nurse!


Med school would’ve taken too long :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have seen first-hand the worst that humanity can do to itself. I’ve been on both sides of that frontier. caused pain and death because i was told to. I wouldnt take it back for anything because it humbled me and made me realize just how precious life really is. I became a nurse so i could payback the harm i helped cause, and to help this small little part of the world that i exist in heal.


Along the lines of what you are saying about trying to be a force of good in the world… something that helps me cheer up when I think of the evil humanity is capable of is the fact that it is much harder to create than it is to destroy.

The fact that we’ve continuously advanced throughout our history is proof that we’re moving in the right direction, and that we’re doing more good than bad.