What I wish every friend and family member of nurses could understand


I find it incredibly curious to join and learn about the nursing community on Twitter. Many nurses seem to use that forum as a space to vent about the stresses, challenges and heartaches of nursing with other nurses (and also MDs) that they’ve never met, but share the same profession and thus a lot of the same experiences. While I have done the same for certain situations, I also value the support I gain from friends and family who actually know ME as a person and can understand me on a deeper level, even if they don’t totally understand my nursing world. I’m trying to learn how to share my nursing life with my friends and family in better ways, rather than just dismissing them because they’re not in the medical field.

I wrote a guest blog for the American Journal of Nursing on “How to Support the Nurse in Your Life” as a first attempt at articulating to friends and family members of nurses why this job can be so hard for us, and what kind of support we really need from them.

I hope this is helpful to many of you, and perhaps many of your friends and family who want to support you in the tougher times but don’t always know how.