The Entitlement Generation is Going to Murder Hospitals


The culmination of the internet, participation trophies, passive parents, etc. has created a generation of spoiled, entitled brats who seek immediate gratification at every turn. This generation will grow up to be the final nail in the coffin of the U.S. healthcare system which is already in serious trouble.

The HCAHPS system is one of the worst ideas to ever come out of the government. To read all about HCAHPS, check out this article:

In a nutshell, it allows patients to rate a hospital stay like they would a for a hotel or a restaurant. In effect, this has granted petulant and ignorant patients full control over the financial livelihood of U.S. hospitals, and therefore, the hospital and all of the healthcare workers in it.


How does this work?

If the hospital doesn’t cater to every whim and demand of the patient, here is a likely sequence of events:

  1. The patient becomes mad.
  2. The mad patient rates the hospital poorly.
  3. The poor rating tanks reimbursement rates for care provided.
  4. The hospital administration notices they're losing money from mad patients.
  5. The hospital administration forces its employees to cater to the mad patient for better rates.

So what? What could go wrong?

Oh I don’t know… here are a few thoughts off the top of my head:

  • The opioid crisis that's currently sweeping the nation. Doctors are prescribing narcotics like Tic Tacs because a drugged up patient is a happy patient.
  • U.S. healthcare costs being the highest out of any modern nation. Patients can demand extra tests that they see as necessary because WebMD told them so. People visiting the E.R. for any ailment and Medicaid and Medicare covering it.
  • The decline in the number of physicians and other healthcare providers. Who in their right mind would want to go into the medical field when ungrateful patients will hold your cojones in a vice and force you to cater to their demands or face legal suits and jeopardize your career?

Canadian philosopher and professor, Jordan Peterson, has a prediction for what this system will produce, and it’s a gloomy future.

This entitlement generation is in for some trouble down the road, because, despite their feelings, life isn’t fair. In fact, it’s pretty tough, and throwing tantrums will get you nowhere fast.

In a world of ever-increasing complexity, where automation is replacing jobs on the low end of the difficulty spectrum, what will underachievers, along with those with low skills and low IQs do? According to Peterson, “They’ll take Demerol. It’s an opiate. There’ll be nothing else for them to do but become depressed, start taking narcotics to numb themselves, develop chronic pain, and get addicted to pills.”

And guess what? It’s already happening, and Medicaid is funding it!