Shit Dayshift Does That Pisses Nightshift Off


We all do things that piss each other off, and hopefully, we can still be friends at the end of the day. But here’s a list of things that certain dayshift nurses do, that pisses nightshift nurses off.

Admissions at shift change

Getting smacked with a fresh admission the second you walk through the door isn't a pleasant experience, and I understand that hospitals are open for 24 hours and whatnot, but many times these patients had plenty of time to get admitted.

Most patients are discharged early in the AM when the doctors go around and make their early rounds. Then these same patients who got an order for discharge at 9AM, don’t actually get their paperwork and sent out of the door until late afternoon, at which point the room has to be cleaned, and the patients waiting in the ED all day start flooding the floors… just in time for the oncoming nightshift to admit them. Is this by accident or by design?

Discontinuing sitters and restraints

At night? Are you insane? It takes at least 24 hours to be able to discharge someone to another facility when they've been in restraints or had a sitter anyway, so what's the rush for taking them off starting for nightshift? This shit needs to stop. You know these people are cray cray, do you honestly think it gets better overnight?

Discontinuing foley's

Once again, are you a sadist? Unless there is an emergent medical condition warranting it, why would you take a foley out of someone who is about to attempt to get at least a few hours of rest tonight? That's just mean, wait till the next morning.

Neglecting lines and IVs

I understand you may not have to draw labs during the day, but we typically do overnight, so it'd be nice to inherit some working lines for a change. Ever heard of cathflo? It exists! And for whatever reason, there are always a ton of IVs that need to be started on nightshift.

Leaving consents and prep

Lots of day nurses seem to think that nighshift nurses have loads of free time. While these patients were awake all day with the doctors rotating around, why couldn't you have them complete any consents for procedures they're having the next day? Furthermore, why does the prep have to start at night? When we have a fraction of the staff and techs? It makes no sense.

Cleaning up messes

I can't count the number of times I've walked into a room that looked like a hurricane just went through. Do you think we have more people to clean up the hospital at night? I'll let you in on a secret... we don't! Do your part and leave a clean room for the next shift.

Leftover work

I'm sure it happens both ways, but it really shouldn't except for rare circumstances. When an incoming shift consistently has to give overdue meds, and finish other things that the previous shift should have completed, this is a problem.

Getting called in the afternoon

Please realize that calling someone who works nightshift at 2PM is the same thing as me calling you at 2AM.


Come on!