Pearson Vue Trick Question Nclex


Hi all,
I’m new to this forum so pls pardon if I didn’t put in the correct category.
I took the Nclex RN on 09/20/18, my exam stopped at 75 questions, didn’t think I did well because I felt my questions was mostly, low level plus what I studied most was south of what I saw. I was down, so a friend of mine suggested I used PVT to check if I passed, I did and got the good pop up (where it says that I recently took the test…), I haven’t check the quick result yet still have about an hour to do so as my test finished at 11am. I have checked the PVT more than 20 times from the day I tested and still got the gud pop up. I am now sure if it works but I have read a lot of positive things just wanted some to please talk to me. Also I received an email after I tested. Thanks


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