Pearson Vue Trick 2020 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?

not a pass or a fail, just have to get the hold resolved and try again.

Hey all. I just took my NCLEX-RN today and it shut off in 60 questions. Man was that test a doozie! It was not easy at all, and I did not have but probably 10 SATA questions, but had loads of exhibits and pediatric questions. I did the Pearson Vue Trick. Does this mean I passed? P

Let me know @admin to ease my anxietyyy… :slight_smile:

That’s the good pop up. You should be good

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Thank you! I appreciate that lots!

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Does this mean I failed?

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OMG the same happened to me too!! I even made sure that I used the wrong expiration date… And then I tried it again and then it said “This candidate is already registered and cannot make another registration at this time” IDK what that means…

Were you able to get quick result by now?

That is the bad pop up, yes. Please let us know if the PVT was accurate for you

I seem to have gotten a popup that hasn’t been covered here before. Has anyone seen a popup like this? xe6kh039pdp51

What do you think it means? Would love to hear if anyone else has gotten this popup before.

Weird, I have never heard of this before. Did you sign out and try again like it asked?

I sure did. I’ve done it at least 8 times now with the same message.

So odd. Please report back on the final results.

As of 9/28/20 the PVT did not work at least for me. I followed all the steps and got the payment was declined error and I was devastated. I took the NCLEX on Saturday and tried the PVT trick on Sunday night around 7pm. Literally the worse night ever I got 2 hours of sleep reading peoples post saying this is accurate. I got my 48 hour results today on Monday and I PASSED with 60 questions. If you are like me and feeling down please don’t because this trick doesn’t work and if it does for some obviously there are false negatives.

Hi!I took my nclex yesterday and I tried the PVT trick. I tried entering a correct credit card details but change the expiration date ( i changed it 05/2020 which obviously means its already expired) and the payment did not go thru. Instead, it gave me a pop up saying its an expired card and Im still on the credit card page ( i didnt get to have a screen shot, unfortunately). So i tried the PVT again, putting the correct credit card details and changing the expiration to 09/2021 ( but its not the correct expiration date either), I then got the good pop up image|231x500
By the way, I did this after I received an email from pearson vue which was about less than an hr after taking the exam…

I remember reading that I have to do PVT few hours after taking nclex, so waited between 2-3hrs after receiving the email and did the trick again. I mistakenly entered wrong credit card numbers ( it was unintentional, its just that im very nervous that time) so it gave me a pop up that credit card details are incorrect. Thus, i tried it again with the same trick i did earlier (right cc details with wrong credit card expiration 09/2021) and it gave me a good pop up

Im really anxious about the result… How can I best interpret this PVT? @admin

Hello- I took the NCLEX-RN today at 11:30 finished within 55 minutes and my test shut off at 75. Declined to take the research questions and left pearson. I counted 21 SATAs as I went and thanks to Uworld I was prepared. I have got the good pop up. Let you know if it’s accurate.


I took my NCLEX yesterday and got this pop up. Wondering if this is still accurate?

Thank you!!

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