Pearson Vue Trick 2020 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?

So did you really fail?

So did you really fail

As of December, 25 ,2019 the pearson trick still works. It was accurate for me and everyone that I know who used it. I spent many hours looking for false positive posts all over the internet and YouTube but was unable to find anything reliable.


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Good morning everyone. Add me to the list of believers as it pertains to the validity of the PVT! I took the NCLEX-RN for the first time last Monday morning (01/06/2020). The test stopped at question 78. I was in disbelief. I walked out of there feeling defeated. I prayed and prayed some more. After searching online I found out about the PVT. I checked my email and sure enough I had received the email regarding further questions one may have after taking the NCLEX. I tried the PVT several times. I got the “good popup” each time. It hasn’t been a full 48 hours so my quick results still aren’t available but I have been frequently checking the California BON’s website to see if my name appears. This morning (01/08/2020), I searched again and you know what, my name appeared along with my new license number! I am officially a RN you guys!! All praises to Our Heavenly Father! :raised_hands:t6::raised_hands:t6: To all of you who are in the process of becoming RNs, be encouraged and persevere. You will ultimately accomplish your goal if you stay focused. Good luck to you all and God bless. :pray:t6::v:t6:

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Hi NurseJanx, I finished my exam yesterday- 13 January 2020. I followed the steps indicated in this thread and it says “Our records indicate…” I supposed this is the “good pop up” so I repeated the process thrice and the same pop-up appeared.

I will purchase the quick result via ncsbn account tnrow and Ill keep you updated.

Cheers! Keep inspiribg Sir!

HI! CONGRATULATIONS! just want to ask when payment went through, did it charge you 200? My payment went through a few months back charged me 200 and I failed. I am now waiting for my ATT and BON is telling me that I might pay again because I payed pearson before my eligibility for retake was approved. thank you

I took the NCLEX today at 8am and ended at 12pm with 189 questions. I honestly don’t know how to feel. I’m usually good at dealing with my fate after a test. I feel overwhelmed and defeated. The test was so hard! I waited two hours for the PVT and got the good pop up saying " Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time." but my mind still isn’t at ease. I probably won’t believe I passed until I go on boards and see my name and PASS. Good luck to everyone taking the NCLEX!

Just want to put some people at ease who have to take all 265 questions and still wonder if the “trick” works… I took the test Friday at 2pm, from Florida, and just found out I passed… I’m a RN. The trick still works!

  • Tested Saturday (2/1/20) at 8 am. Cut off at 75 questions and about had a stroke. Afterwards I can vividly remember a handful of questions that I looked up and definitely got wrong. I had some SATA streaks and my last question was a drag and drop. The PVT shows the good pop up every time (unable to register) I did it 12 hours after and this afternoon (32 hours later or so). I have checked the status of my application on my state board website. My status has been changed from “Approved to Test” to “Ready Issue”. Does this mean I passed?! I know the anticipation kills everyone but I can’t take this anymore! I am so nervous!

Trick didn’t work for me. I did the maximum amount of questions so I was already panicking leaving the testing center. The next day I did this trick and did not get a pop up. I did it multiples times the day after and still no good pop up. So of course I was for sure that I failed. Well I just got my results and I passed! So I would say just wait for your results and don’t rely on this trick.

Just sharing my experience! I studied almost everyday for 2 weeks (1 week was content review and other was practicing questions). I took my test Tuesday 2/4/20 at 12:30pm and took me 2 hours. It cut off at 75 question and then I did the optional research questions. I felt as though the exam was super hard. I had so many SATA and honestly I wanted to cry because I was sure that I failed. I felt really defeated as I was leaving the test center. I tried the PVT 1 hour after and got the good pop up (still didn’t help my nerves) so then I tried again 24 hrs later just because I still had anxiety and didn’t feel that I passed. Still got the good pop up! 48 hours later I received an email from SC BON and it said I was now a registered nurse!! Since I got the email I didn’t bother to pay for the quick results!! I honestly can’t believe I passed because the exam was so difficult and I didn’t feel confident at all. But I am here to say that the PVT did work for me!!! So stay positive and believe in the PVT!!!

I took the nclex today 2/8 and the trick worked two hours after. But I checked again to double check and now it’s not saying the “another registration can be made at this time” does this mean I failed?

What is it saying now?

I took the NCLEX yesterday 02/13/2020 in Ga. It was a difficult exam. While I sat there with my heart beating out of my chest, I honestly felt like I was having multiple PVCs. I don’t know if I even answered one question correctly. This is a test that you cannot ever prepare for imo. I studied using Uworld and did the ATI review with my school. The test shut off on 75 questions then the research questions came up. Me being slow -sat there and did 10 extra questions that I am not gonna get paid for doing… thankfully, one of the workers told me that I didn’t have to do that part if I didn’t want to so I quickly ended the torture. I didn’t mind doing the research questions, but by then my anxiety moved from mild to moderate so I would have been zero help. While walking to grab my items from the locker, I felt like crying. I got an email about completing the exam 15-20mins later… drove home in fear because I couldn’t face my S.O. (he thinks I’m a genius). I told him how difficult the exam was and that I’m sure I failed…he began to laugh at me because I say this all through nursing school and graduated summa… so he really wasn’t buying it. I decided to look online and thankfully I found this support group! I tried the trick when I got home and again 2-3 hours later and got the good pop up both times. I honestly want to do it again today (02/14/2020- Valentine’s Day), but I can’t take the stress. What if I do the PVT and it changes to charge my card. I would be devastated. How dumb would I be to fail in 75 questions? But the test was so hard I didn’t know jack. In fact, I felt like I didn’t even go to nursing school during the test. Hoping I pass cause otherwise it would ruin my confidence. I’m so happy I’m not the only one in the world experiencing this obsession, anxiety, torture and fear😩. In nursing school they taught us about support groups (in mental Health) blah blah,. I get why they’re important now.

Update: I did the PVT today again and still shows the good msg. I pray to God I’m not one of the ones this trick laughs at.

UPDATE!!!: the trick worked. I got an email congratulating me! I was like how do you know before me lol? Are you sure you’re emailing the right person? She said she’s glad when she is the one to break the news…

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I have never felt SOOO nervous! I took the test a few times and failed those times…doing the complete 265 questions each time… I did the PVT test and had always been able to pay.
I just took the test on Friday the 14th of Feb. I started the test at 2 pm…the exam cut off at about 4pm at 75 questions. I was about ready to drop to the floor. I got so many SATA questions. So many with drugs I felt I had never heard of. I tried so hard, but 75 questions…2 hours…I feel like I either did really well, or REALLY terribly. That’s literally what I said to the lady as I walked out. This is absolutely the first time it finished at 75 questions…and…it has been A WHILE since I got my BSN degree. I got the email "Now that you’ve completed the NCLEX Examination, we understand you may still have questions. " at 4:25 pm (like I got in my Uber at 4:10 pm and was still on my way home when I got the email.)

So I go do some errands since I got out WAY earlier than expected, and I’m just dying for 2 hours to pass so I can check the PVT test…

I am still waiting to be able to buy the quick results…
I tried to pay using a card I “locked” in chase and had the wrong month for the exp date. It won’t go through. It won’t let me pay. This is literally the first time I didn’t get to the declined section. I’ve been searching the NYS BON website religiously for my license to pop up. Oh man, and it’s a holiday on Monday. I’m so nervous I just want to see that I passed so I can tell my mom I finally did it. I didn’t even tell her I took it I’m so nervous! I’m either going to be Really happy, or really sad. The results seem so promising, especially since I’ve done it and it has always been accurate when I failed… I just really hope it doesn’t change… I have been trying a few times. I’m going to pray that I can check my results tomorrow. I’m also kind of hoping I can check today. I finished at at least 4pm, so I’m hoping if I look at 5 pm I can do my quick results. $8 for some peace of mind is worth it to me right now. I haven’t felt so sick to my stomach as I do now since there’s a possibility that I passed. Me seeing that I failed those last times with the trick didn’t make me as nervous as me seeing it tell me “Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time.” I am just hoping and praying! But I am soooo nervous. I just had to get it off my chest since I didn’t tell anyone I took the test, and honestly can’t until I know I passed.

I’ll try to update you if I pass or fail. If I passed, the PVT trick works. If I failed, it doesn’t work. I’ll be devastated, but it won’t be the PVT’s fault. I just hope I passed. And if I do…man, what do I say as to why I got my BSN a while back, but just passed the exam now? Haha, either way, if I passed, I’ll cross that bridge then.

It works! Unofficial results: PASS!!!

(Passed just in time too, because UWorld was due for a renewal. I do want to thank UWorld though!!! I was doing a bunch of questions with them. I didn’t even do the practice exams, just the questions in the sections I was having the most difficulty with according to the descriptive results thing that tells what section you did the worst in.) I feel like I’m dreaming! I feel like someone is going to come back and say, “Oh, actually you didn’t pass, the unofficial results were wrong.” I’m just going to ride this high and be super happy!

I took my nclex pn for second time .I stopped at 86 questions and had 17 SATA question . I did the trick today and got a bad pop up . I’m freaking out right now

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