Pearson Vue Trick 2020 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?

Which state did you test for? I tested 10/5 for the California BRN and they’re having massive issues getting the scores for everyone that day, but I hadn’t heard of any trouble for those who tested on 10/4.

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You heard issues for the day I took it?! That’s actually wonderful and more hopeful news!! Thank you!! Still waiting. 1 wk down but u gave me some hope :heart:

I tested in Georgia. Hopefully it’s just a delay. I am still getting the good pop up on Pearson. Still praying for the best!! Good luck to you all as well!

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Hi there I took my NCLEX on Friday and my test shut off at 75 too, and I felt the same way. I used uworld and when I practiced on uworld, I felt confidence and I thought that I got this. But when I took the exam, oh man, I second guess myself a lot. Afterward, I checked the pvt immediately and got good up and through the day, I checked it again and again and even 24 hours later it’s still showed good pop up. I felt a Bit of relieved but also nervous because I thought To myself maybe I’m the odd duck that has the good pop up and still fail. Well I will find out on Monday or Tuesday of this week. I hope that I’ll pass.

Hi guys, so I took my test this morning at 8am in Florida but for the state of NY. The computer shut down at 109 questions and I was there for 3.5 hrs. I just did the PVT and it told me that my credit card was declined because of incorrect info. I did use an active credit card with the wrong exp date. Does this mean that I failed? I did check after 2.5 hrs after I had finished my test. Has this happened to anyone and still passed? It’s also Saturday I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Thanks

This is what a get

I put my real credit card info and it did not take it.

After how long did you see that?

I found out that I’ve passed so PVT does work. Sorry to hear that guys, and I would recommend Uworld as a study tool because it helped me a whole lot with those critical and SATA questions. If you have any questions you can email me at [email protected], I will try my best to help and answer any questions.

I hope you do! If I go by this then it means I failed. But I read that for a lot of people who did the PVT it didn’t work. Fingers crossed that I do pass! Good luck

Did you pass? I’m curious I got the same pop up. But I test today Saturday

I took mine friday and I got the same popup that you did. I’m hoping that it is wrong an that weekends make a difference!

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The only difference in mine was it didnt say why it was declined, it just just card declined contact your credit card company.

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Hi and CONGRATZ! What sign did you get? Cause I also got the bad sign “ my credit card was declined because of wrong info” I did it 2 times. I’m hoping it didn’t work on me. Took my test yesterday Saturday at 8am did 109 questions in 3.5 hrs, I took my time! :grimacing: waiting for Tuesday to check my quick results. Is there another way I can find out before since it was a weekend? Thanks for giving me hope

I got that too! 2 different declines because I used 2 different cards.

Just got my unofficial results and unfortunately, I failed! :weary::weary:

Nooooooo!!! :scream::scream::sob::sob::sob: Im sorry to hear that. How many questions did you get? Don’t give up! Do it again in 45 days… you got this! I’m scared now. I have to wait until I guess Tuesday cause I don’t I count hours since yesterday. Don’t give up! I guess the PVT worked for you.

I’ve already been looking into other studying materials lol. It sucks…I have bad anxiety and dont test well at all. But now I know what I’m going into. So hopefully that helps for next time.

Don’t over think this. Just prepare yourself more. How many questions did you get?

160 last I had looked! I was exhausted and my brain was fried lol

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