Pearson Vue Trick 2020 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?

I understand you didn’t get a popup, but were you able to pay for another registration?

While I have heard of varying pop up messages, or even no messages, I think the best indicator of a passing result is whether or not Pearson Vue’s website lets you re-register and pay for another test.

Do you know anyone that got the good pop up and did NOT pass? I’ve been sick to my stomach for the last day!

I was thinking that way too, lets just hope for the best

Thank you for posting this. I tested today and I only got 75 questions. I felt pretty confident when I walked out of the testing room. When I got home I checked and I did not get a good pop up. I wish I would have just waited to get my results because now I’m freaking out. This is a horrible feeling and I’m hoping my results come out just like yours.

Im really hoping the trick is still good i took it yesterday i got all the questions. I tried the trick and according to the trick I passed (the 100 x i did it ) but my stomach is in knots until i know for sure i believe tomorrow i can do the quick results so definitely will do that. Keep everyone posted. Congratulations to all that passed and to those who failed dont give up. Good luck everyone

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I am an international educated nurse and I took the NCLEX yesterday, 265 questions and the last 5 questions I definitley got wrong. I did the PVT trick and the pop up did come up so I am hoping I passed also


After 2 stressful days of waiting to see if I passed i paid for the quick results and turns out I PASSED such a relief. So I guess the PVT trick worked. Well at least it did both times i took the nclex. Another thing that was different this time around they emailed me and pretty much said you have taken the nclex but may still have questions and some frequent asked questions. I did not receive the email the 1st time i took it and failed. Hope it helpd everyone and puts you some what at ease


Just took the Nclex today (6/28) at 8am . It stopped at around between 103-106.
I did the PVT and put my credit card information and submitted and it did NOT go thru!I got the “Our records indicate that you have recently schedule this exam.Another registration cannot be made at this time.”…I felt relieved but until I get the official results will I get that feeling of accomplishment!


@OAR21 @Sky_high @Barry_Joseph_Tierney @baragon3 @Mylyn

Has anyone heard back yet?

Also, Happy July 4th Everyone! :us:

yep it still works!! i was sure i failed it and i def got the last 5 questions wrong, VUE trick works

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Yes I got the good pop up and paid for quick results 48 hours later and I PASSED!!! Good luck everyone!

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I took the NCLEX friday, and finished by 930pm. I received an email stating I completed the test and I got a good popup 2 hours after. Today is Saturday, I checked at 1130 am and I still got a good popup. I was just wondering that, if the testing center is closed on Sat/Sun, could the system dish out a false result. The quick results aren’t available either as of today (SAT). I presume I must wait until Monday.

If you took your exam on a Friday, does the PVT work still or do you have to wait until Monday or weekday to really know?

I would say it still works how ever i have also noticed if you pass you will receive an email saying that you have taken your nclex and may still have questions. This email is another good sign you passed . Friends of mine who took it and failed did not receive the email. Nor did i the 1st time i took it and did not pass. GOOD LUCK


I feel better, now. I think I’m going to stop staring at my screen and go do something, anything. I did receive that e-mail, and the site will not allow me to re-register, I took it Friday, ending at 930 pm. Thank you so much!!!

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One more question. Did you receive the performance report after you got results?

According to the NCSBN, the performance report is only sent to those who do not pass their NCLEX.

No they only send a preformance report if you failed.

The worst part is the wait to find out if you passed. I must have done the trick 1000 times making sure it did not change and even after i payed for my quick results and seen passed i kept checking for my name and licenses number started to freak out when it was a week later and still no license number posted i guess i was in shock lol try to take your mind off of it enjoy the summer. Because if not you will go nuts. Again good luck…

hi! i took my NCLEX today, & stops @ 95… i feel like i did good with the test! i tried the PVT trick and it went through… still not loosing hope & waiting for the quick result! :joy: keep positive! & try again if not!


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