Pearson Vue Trick 2020 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?

I signed up this website just wanted to share my experience with other future nurses: This trick really WORKS!!! I took my Nclex on March 3th and got shut down on 95Q. I did not expect to pass this first try cause I gapped a year after graduating from nursing school without taking even one look at my books, and then I only prepared 21 days for the Nclex. I was keeping postpone my exam day for the last whole year, so March 3th was the final day to take the exam, otherwise it would be expired. I gave it a try thinking I would just use it as a practice. And I was fully prepared and expected to take another try on May.
During the whole exam, I was devastated for sure. Most questions I was not sure about the answer at all! I took it very slow and tried to analyze every question thoroughly with all my known knowledge and clinical experience during nursing school. After 75 questions, the computer was still throwing me questions and I even got inpatient with that cause I wanted to go home and study for the next try. I was worried that I had to sit there for the whole 265 questions and total 6 hours! What an attitude!
After I got home, I used the trick just for fun. Out of blue I got a positive pop out! I was surprised and thought this trick was definitely going to be a total failure starting from me. Cause I did not find anyone talking about getting a positive sign and failed later. At the same time, it lighted a hope in my heart and I started thinking: what if I passed!!! I got excited about this idea I would not lie about this. Then I got restless and unsettled. The possibility of passing the exam made me so nervous and exciting! Half of me still did not trust on this, but the other half had a hope!
After 48 hours of torture, I checked the result with shaking hands. I PASSED!!! I cried like a baby and did not believe that at all! But yes, my License number was up on the website too! IT IS REAL!
I personally thank this website to provide such a useful tool to help us. From my experience, this trick DEFINITELY works! I wish you all the best and become a RN soon! Good luck!

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Hearing some people say that their PVT is only resulting in a hold right now possibly due to covid19.

Anybody have any recent PVT results they can share with us?

Did that pop up about your credit card being declined mean you failed it ? I just never saw an update

I got this as my pop up that means I failed right ? I just really have to know my anxiety is going insane because I don’t know if it’s a pass or fail I just wanna know

It’s a failing PVT but it’s not official, so there are some exceptions to this. This would be considered a “bad pop-up.” Please check back with the official results because it helps us more accurately tell people what these kinds of messages mean.

Hi! I took my NCLEX yesterday at 2:30. I have tried the pvt and continue to get the good pop up. Praying that this still works. Anyone get a false positive?

I took my exam Saturday and ended with 60 questions. Felt like I failed as soon as it was done. I did the trick about an hour after, two hours after and 4 hours after and got the good pop up each time. Fingers crossed it’s legit. I will check back to let you know. :slight_smile:

Still works with new covid changes. I passed! :yum:

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made a google survey so people can actually see if the pearsonvue trick works or not.

Please only fill out the form after you received your results.

Link to form:

Link to excel sheet:

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Took my nclex Rn exam today. I did the Pearson Vue trick and got the “good pop up”. Hopefully, it works!

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So did you pass?? Literally the same for me i never felt like it was crazy difficult i would have multiple choice that i was confident in then get SATA and be confident in them and then when i would get to one that i was not confident in it would go back to Multiple choice then quickly back up to Multiple choice. I did the pearsonvue 2 hours later again this morning still shows that our records indicate you have recently blah blah blah. Did you pass?

did it work? I took mine yesterday also got the good pop up. Cut off at 60 questions which was a surprise to me. But now i am terrified that I showed minimal competency and that is why it shut off.

Hello, I just took my NCLEX RN on Friday June 5 and used the PVT 2 hours after and got the good popup. Paid for the quick results on 9th when I didn’t get an email or anything and it said I passed. Now today (the 10th) I got a CPR report that said I passed. I was a little confused because I thought that was only for those that had failed but I guess not. Maybe it’s just for those of us in Ohio.

Took my NCLEX on June 20th. Test shut off at 60. Did the PVT 2 hours after the test - got a good pop-up. Found out 48 hours later that I passed! It worked for me =)

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I took the NCLEX yesterday 6/22/20 and today I’m getting the good Pop Up.

Update: I passed! My results were available about 44 hours after I completed my exam. It was the longest 2 days to wait in my life. Yay!

So I have a question I took my NCLEX yesterday (Ran out of time/Time Expired). Went home and tried to do the Pearson Vue trick, and I got the message “ the candidate currently has test results that are on hold a new registration cannot be created at this time”. Then I tried to do the Pearson Vue trick today and I got the GOOD POP UP “Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time.” - what does this mean, does this mean I passed?

Yes, it means you passed

I took my nclex this morning in NYC and when I got home to Long Island I used the pvt and got the good pop up, but I used the wrong expiration date on my cc so I’m still worried that I didn’t pass. The test shut off after 60 questions (shortened for Covid) so I’m optimistic. Still not ready to start poppin bottles until I get those unofficial results in a couple days lol.

what was your end result?

Just wanted to share my experience: I’m 21 (I graduated LPN school when I was 19 and took the NCLEX once before but I failed :frowning: I was discouraged) but I finally decided to take the NCLEX PN on July 24th (I had no math questions and a decent amount of SATA) The computer shut off at 74 questions and I cried in the car because I knew I got the last question wrong and I felt like I was guessing on a lot of questions. I went home and tried the PVT anyway and I got the good pop up and I couldn’t believe it, I kept trying it and trying it to see if it would still pop up. 48 gruesome hours later I got my Quick Results and I really did pass! I used UWorld and Mark Klimek audios (I feel like the questions on the NCLEX are less complicated/wordy than Uworld but I think thats a good thing) So im here to let you all know that you can do it if I can do it! and the PVT is still working and accurate in 2020

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