Pearson Vue Trick 2020 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?

Goodluck to you! Hope you pass!!

I just got my results and I failed!!! I guess the PVT did work on me! I’ll be paying the $200 and be testing again in 45 days

I’m right with ya!! We will get it next time!

Hey Dave I saw you said that you took nclex in VA. I just took my nclex pn on oct 21st how may days did it take for the results to show up on the license look-up. I did the PVT and I got the good pop-up.

I did it on Friday, it took until Monday or Tuesday.

My test cut off yesterday at 76 questions. I felt unsure, but I tried to be positive. I couldn’t wait For the quick results and tried the PVT almost 24 hours later. It first declined my card when I tried to put in the wrong expiration, so then I tried to re-register with a real credit card, and it let me! I paid the 200… and sat there devastated! Is there anyone that did this and still passed or am I doomed here?

Yep… I failed. Oh well. 45 days til redemption!

Hi I am just wondering what does it mean if result is unavailable I took my Nclex on Saturday. The PVT trick I tried it and it went through does it mean I failed? I’ve read a lot of forum that some says the payment may go through if you do the PVT trick too early. It’s been almost 1 week, I wanted to know if does it really mean I failed. All I want is to see the result

Continuing the discussion from Pearson Vue Trick 2019 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?:

yes yes yes the trick
still works i took my test saturday at 8am for the first time i waiting a few months after i graduated but have been studying consistently. the test cut off at the minimum at 10:10 am and while i was in line at starbucks got an email saying i just took the nclex and about FAQs. when i got home i napped and woke to try to the trick it worked. i got the message another registration couldn’t be processed or whatever. tried it the next day just to be sure still there good pop up then today at 9:35 my unofficial results were available and i passed. I used U world, Virtual ATI and Hursi

U have no idea the hope this gives me…didn’t get the pop up…fingers are crossed :pensive:

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Hello, I took my Nclex RN on 11/14/2019 ended with 244 questions, but I ran out of time, I still have not received my CPR as of today 11/25/19. I am so confused because I had a friend who took her Nclex RN 4 days after me and she was in the same situation as myself (ran out of time) and she received her CPR on Saturday 11/23/19. Im scared to do the PV. Please help!!!

Hi!! I started my exam 1:40 pm and finished at 3:45 pm with 75 questions. I did pvt since it’s been 10 hours it’s showing that I have results on hold. What that means. Does anyone else has same results and passed. I can’t sleep it’s 2:45 am. Please help. Thanks

Hi I took my NCLEX PN this Saturday morning 11-30-19 I got the good pop up is it accurate it being the weekend. ? Also I should nothing on my breeze account it said not license information

:round_pushpin: CALIFORNIA

First try with NCLEX-PN on 12/02/2019. I started at 8:00 and ended at around 10:30. The cut off was at QUESTION 86. I did not expect that number at all. Most of my questions were back to back SATAs and prioritizations. I only got ONE dosage calculation.

I went home and did not try my first attempt with the PVT until after the email that we all get post-exam: “Now that you’ve completed the NCLEX…“ When I did the PVT, I entered my credit card information correctly except for the expiration date. Got the good pop up! I wasn’t 100% so I did it again, this time it was after 24 hours since taking the test — still the good pop up!

The next step was to wait until after 48 hours since the test to check my account on BREEZE, which would be later today. But I couldn’t help it. So by midnight, I checked and it finally changed from having the option of retaking the test and into applying for my license: Vocational Nurse Initial Application for Licensure

For CA testers, do create a BREEZE account. You can check this down the Manage Your Application box. It can be a good indicator of passing the NCLEX. But don’t worry if it doesn’t change yet, that shouldn’t mean anything. It all depends whether or not they updated your account with those results. This is all we got, but who needs quick results, amirite? (We do.)

I decided to push my luck though just to finally get it over with. Besides, the PVT has worked for everyone who passed from my class. I trust it. So I paid the $220 licensing fee even though I didn’t have my verification letter yet. My friend did this and was able to pay for her license — which came up in DCA in about a week.

WOOO I PASSED! :star2:



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Hi. Did you know if you passed? Bec my friend and i took the test the same day. We did not try the pct yet but after 24hours his name was on the BON website and mine wasn’t

Did you passed? Same situation

How did you result come out?did u pass?

Quick question when it ask to upload what I’m I uploading on Breeze

What go here and can I pay without putting anything here

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