Pearson Vue Trick 2020 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?

I dont know what to do. Took my exam Friday 2pm. Ended at 76. Around 20 SATA’s, some delegations, prioritizations, 1 ECG, 2 maths. Left the building, tried PVT, it says on hold. Its Tuesday already, still on hold. What do you guys think is happening? Anyone in the same boat?

Tuesday night
After 4 days, hold is lifted, just got a good pop up.

Update again:
Thursday morning
BRN license posted. Thank you, Lord!

PVT works!


Hey all, I took the exam on Saturday, August 3rd and it’s Monday morning, 10am in CA. Still no luck with results. I got the good pop-up 3 times already, twice checked the day of my exam and once again an hour or two ago. Like a lot of people, my exam cut off at 75 questions and I felt like the entire thing was difficult. I felt betrayed by my friend, who felt like her exam was easier than Uworld an Kaplan LOL! I wish it was easier, but nah, I felt like I was reading an exam in Japanese.

Even though I got the good pop-up, I want my results so badly. I’m devastated that CA doesn’t have quick results like most other states do. And it’s weird that my friend saw her license in less than 48 hours later on the BON, but it’s been over 48 hours for me and NOTHING. I guess I took the exam too late and they only care about finishing July results right now. Since I’m beginning of August I probably have to wait…

Edit: Results came in somewhere between 11pm Monday and 1am Tuesday and I woke up after 1am, checked, and saw my license on the site!!!

I just took the NCLEX Friday Morning 8/3 and received 75 questions + the 15 survey questions. I completed the exam in about 3 hours and my status is showing “The candidate currently has test results that are on hold. A new registration cannot be created at this time.”

Does anyone know what this means and will I be notified if there is a problem? I read the NCLEX site and I did not Cheat, record, or do anything else in violation of taking the exam. This has me confused. The only thing I can think of is when I took the 15 practice questions I completed them in less than 30 minutes, because I did not spend a lot of time on them since they indicated they were not graded.

I call the test site and they told me that they don’t control the messages. Has this happened to anyone else and how long did it take to have it resolved and were you notified why?

Living in super anxiety to get the results - can’t even do quick result as I get the sma error message.


I took the exam today @ 8am 08/12/2019. My exam cut off after the minimum amount of questions, it only took me 45 mins or so and I felt like I didn’t know any of them. To make things worse there was a discrepancy with my name when I first got there, so after I finished I got the email about finishing the exam and I went and did the pvt. Well it said my results were on hold smdh. I kept checking and finally around 6:30pm I got the GOOD pop up message. I have checked it a couple more times and still the same. I hope the trick works and nothing was messed up because of the hold… I will keep everyone posted as to what happens. Good luck everyone else!!!

PVT WORKS 100% I took my NCLEX on Monday morning, tried the PVT about 3 hours later and got the good pop-up. Next day, my name was posted as an RN and I passed!! TRUST THE PVT! I had my doubts but this forum kept me sane. Just wanted to contribute for future test takers feeling anxious! Good luck to you all!

I took the NCLEX today and I had all 205 questions. I tried the PVT, but I used my old credit card that was reported for suspicious activity. Do you think that could have affected the results?

I think it just needs to be a card. If it did not reject your payment then I think you are good. I believe the key is that it will actually give one of the error codes such as “card declined” if you failed. If you passed after you try to submit the payment it will say something like “the candidate already has an exam scheduled…”


took it on Tuesday 2pm ended at 5:30pm. My computer had alittle problem. But it was fixed. Tried the Pvt trick after 24hr and i got the Hold message. I called my BON they said am Good on their End and they do not know why am still on hold for so long and i called pearsonvue and asked them y i was still on hold and whats the problem. They said the hold has no impact on my result and i did nothing wrong on my part. So its 4days now and no result up yet. Anyone ever been in this situation i am :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:.

I finished My Exam @ 100 qst

If you get this message that your results are on hold, then the PVT will not work for you… yet. There are many possibilities for why your results may be on hold, and it does not mean that you have passed or failed, but simply that the results are not finalized for whatever reason. In this holding period, you cannot get an accurate PVT result (good or bad) and unfortunately, you just have to wait out the hold.

The hold could be from anything and is probably unrelated to your NCLEX results. It sucks that you’re in this boat, but hopefully it will end soon.

Still no Result/Pvt day 5 Sat. Would just wait till a new week starts.
Thank you Admin i hope for the best. I saw somewhere on a blog that the probability of passing with a hold was 60/40 if one answers less than 200qst. Not sure how true that is. But i pray i pass fingers crossed 🤦

I don’t see how they came up with that probability. The hold should have nothing to do with your results, other than leading to a delay. Also, the number of questions you had on your NCLEX is not related to passing or failing.

Just took my NCLEX-RN 8/27/19, started @1pm. Had 263Q’s out of the 265 (so random!) and took me 4.5-5 hours. I got their research questions/case studies at the end, I did one and ended it lol. Anyway it’s 9:45pm now and I just tried the PVT trick with an expired CC but changed the expiration date to something current but right card & CVC # & got the “Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time.” message so I am in hopes I passed. Will update once I get my result. From the looks of all the other reviews, it seems to be pretty accurate. Eases my mind but it’s still not 100%! Lol

I will be back to update when I get my results! Best of luck to all of us!!

Hello Congratulations :blush:

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Hello does anyone know if it’s possible to have a bad pop up after a good pop up and why?!

Took my NCLEX on 08/27/2019,did the minimum of 85 questions for PN and was done in an hour.I felt sick after I left and was certain I had failed,I went online and found this forum and when I say I’ve read every one of these comments at least twice it’s no exaggeration.
I did the PVT and got the good pop up.Over the course of the 48hrs I did it about 50 more times.I kept coming back here for reassurance.Did my quick results today and I passed.Thank you all for keeping me sane.PVT still works even in 2019.


Congrats!! I’m celebrating with you today!! I too read ALL the comments lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Congrats to you too…I’m so happy

I took the NCLEX on Thursday and was sure I failed. All of my friends from school had used the PVT so I thought I would give it a try myself. I waited 6 hours after completing the exam to check, and I got the bad pop up.
I stressed myself out for two days, only to receive my quick results on Saturday to find out that I PASSED. Even after I received my passing results I tried the PVT and I still got the bad pop up. So for me, the PVT did not work.
Do not worry yourself until you receive the final results. Good luck to everyone! The world needs more nurses.

I just took my NCLEX yesterday, September 4, 2019. Nothing has shown up on my state board yet when I search myself, and my Quick Results aren’t up yet. However, I tried PVT and I got the “good pop up”. Should I continue to stress? Because the stress is killing me!!!

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