Pearson Vue Trick 2019 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?



hey did you ever find out if you passed?


Hey did you find out if you passed?!


i didnt get my cpr report or got anything that says i passed and nothing on the bon website
very anxious and called ca nursing departent today they said it may take up 2 weeks and that why i want find out if any one in ca took the exam after the 11 got their lic posted yet


has anyone took the exam and failed that can direct me on how long it took for them to find out they didnt pass and knowing that ca doesnt participate in the quick results … how long it took to recive the cpr report


I failed😔have to retake the exam just waiting for the cpr report.!


I’m sorry to hear that, if you makes you feel any better I don’t think I passed either. Keep your head up, keep studying and we’ll get it next time!


Thank you… I guess we just have to study hard and get it done next time


I took my exam yesterday. It was awful! I got the full 265 questions, loads of prioritisation and SATA’s. I felt like I knew nothing. I took one of the review courses and hardly anything that was discussed at it came up in my questions. I cried when I left the exam! Anyway, I got the now you have completed your NCLEX email, but haven’t received a second performance email. How long before people normally receive that if they’ve failed? Can’t bring myself to do the trick yet, kind of burying my head in the sand today!


hello. I just need some help. I took my nclex rn 2 days ago and I am getting a good popup from PVT however i haven’t seen my name on breeze yet until now since it has been more than 48hours. Do u guys have idea what is the reason is? thank you.


Apparently california takes a bit longer than most other states to process nursing licenses.


thank u so much for your response.


I passed! All is good :grinning:


Hello, I took my exam on the 17th. Did the trick and got the good pop up. Still unable to view my unofficial result from the CA BON after 48hrs as they mentioned from previous email. Like you, i’m getting anxious about waiting for the result. Anyway I browsed through the Nursing Board website and come across the processing times. For the NCLEX-RN results they are currently processing items received from Oct 1-15,2018. Hopefully this is the reason why we can’t view the unofficial result at this time since we took our exams this week (not being processed yet). Hope this helps and hoping I’m right :crossed_fingers:t3:


Yeah the California BON is extremely slow to process NCLEX results and nursing licenses, and they also don’t have Quick Results available.


I took the NCLEX on October 17th started at 10:15 and finished at 1:15 after taking about 220 regular questions and the experimental questions. Got home 30 minutes later and got the “good” pop-up and have so ever since. Will post when I get my notice from the Texas BON, although quick results will be available for me tomorrow but just don’t want to pay the $7.95.

I guess I’ll have to wait to Monday to make it official but since my license didn’t show up today, I went ahead and payed for the quick results. I passed! I can officially enjoy my weekend.

My quick results appeared exactly 48 hours after I started the exam. I don’t know if that’s case for everyone but just thought I’d share my experience with receiving them. I know CA doesn’t participate in QR but this is for those who do get QR.


Hi, so do you get the candidate performance report right away or like in the 48 hours? Please do let me know! Thanks!


Hello everyone, I took my NCLEX-rn on 10-17-18. I Also got the good pop-up but haven’t had any news besides the email indicating I have finished my NCLEX. My license has not appeared on my breeze account. I also took the exam in California.


I took the NCLEX RN exam 10/16/18. Did the PVC trick and got the “good pop up”. Kept on checking my breeze account ang license verification but haven’t seen my name yet. Last year when I took my NCLEX PN exam I also did the PVT trick, got the good pop up and passed but it took 8 days before my name was posted on breeze. But this time still feeling nervous. Hoping and praying for a positive result.

Yes I am from California too.

Hello! I just found it too that i passed. My name was posted already on breeze.


Nice to hear that… so it means im not the only one! Im actually thinking that i already failed…

Thank you so much for letting me know… please let me know u have heard anything from them.

If u get a chance will u please send me the link where u find their processing time… i was browsing but i cant find it. Thank u so much

Hello did u received ur result? I took my exam on 16th and getting good pop up too but i still do not see anything on their website.

Hello are u talking about the license processing on their website? Im really getting anxious i took the exam on the 16th too. Please let me know if u heard from them. Thank you

Hello guys just got my result and i passed. Thank God… Just keep hoping and praying

I saw it on breeze at 1am

Congratulations… So i must say that PVT is still working and true!


Hi. I took the test on Oct.18. I thought most of the california takers see their license posted after 48h, hopefully it doesn’t apply to all, because I’m getting crazy now. :weary:

Any updates from these thread guys?

Guys I just got my license too! They just updated my breeze.