Pearson Vue Trick 2019 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?



Hi all!!

I just took the nclex and it shut off after 75 questions. I also got the special research questions. I did the Pearson Vue trick and got the “good pop up” and I also got the email immediately after finishing the test. So my question is has anyone ever failed after receiving both good signs- PVT and email?


Hey Yall,

I took the NCLEX-RN in PA on 9/06/18. I took all 265 questions, which was a daunting task. After the exam I waited about 24 hours before trying the PVT. After, I did the PVT I received a good pop-up. It took 6 days before my name appeared on the BON website. The PVT trick worked for me! The one advice is not to read too much into this process. I took taking 265 questions as a negative and I also took waiting 6 days for my license to appear as a negative. The PVT was a useful tool to help relieve my anxiety but patience is necessary when waiting for the official results.


So I received an e-mail saying " I know you may still have questions" from Pearson right after I completed Nclex. But the Pearson trick gave the bad pop up… What should I think of this???


How long does it take to receive this report after testing?


Hi all,
I’m new to this forum so pls pardon if I didn’t put in the correct category.
I took the Nclex RN on 09/20/18, my exam stopped at 75 questions, didn’t think I did well because I felt my questions was mostly, low level plus what I studied most was south of what I saw. I was down, so a friend of mine suggested I used PVT to check if I passed, I did and got the good pop up (where it says that I recently took the test…), I haven’t check the quick result yet still have about an hour to do so as my test finished at 11am. I have checked the PVT more than 20 times from the day I tested and still got the gud pop up. I am now sure if it works but I have read a lot of positive things just wanted some to please talk to me. Also I received an email after I tested. Thanks


PVT still works as of today. I took the NCLEX for the first time and got all 265 questions. I did the PVT after taking the exam and did not get a “good pop up”. When inputting my CC information I used a wrong expiration date & got a message telling me my order cannot be processed because of the wrong CC information. Thus, I took this as a “bad pop up”. & to my dismay, I failed. The second time I took the NCLEX i also got all 265 questions. Just my luck! Once again, I did PVT after the exam, inputting my CC info with a wrong expiration date; got a “good pop up”. After 48 hours I was licensed on the board of nursing verification website before the quick results were ready. I passed!! I also got an email after I tested both times. So, I don’t think the email sent after testing is an indicator of passing or failing.


I just took my NCLEX-RN (10/10). Immediately after I walked out of the testing center, I tried the PVT trick and I got the “good pop-up”. I cried my eyes out in at the testing center parking lot because I thought I passed! 30 minutes later, I tried it again to reassure myself that I passed only to find out that I got the “bad pop-up”. Now I am confused whether or not the PVT works so I got to wait for my state BON.


I also took the exam today (nclex-pn) . I checked 3 times already and I’m still getting the good pop up .I have horrible anxiety and mine stopped at 85 questions . I feel like it was difficult. Did you put in ur cc info with the wrong experience date ?


Rosa I took mines yesterday as well. It’s 4 in the morning, I can’t sleep. I got 85 questions as well, felt it was difficult. Been getting the good pop up every since I left the test site. Just waiting to see if it really works!

The trick does work! My license was posted to VBON today! Thank God


Congratulations!!! :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see my official results. Thank you for letting me know . I was stressing last night. I checked this morning , nothing on the board of nursing site and my official results won’t be available till tomorrow afternoon.


i did my test today my test ended at around 135
i did my pearson vue trick however i eneterd all info correct and it did charge me
my anxiety is high in the sky anyrecomendation ?


I will definitely say that the PVT trick did not work for me. I have type my whole cc info correctly except for the expiration date. I still got the “bad pop-up”. I have tried it for about 8 times after over the 24 hour period. I went on my state BON website and there was my license number!! My state updates their website Tues/Thurs @ 9 am.


I took my NCLEX-PN on 10/10/18. I got all the 205 questions which is the maximum allowed for LPN. I left the building devastated and felt defeated. I was thinking that I failed the test. I called my husband and cried. I didn’t even know how I got home because my mind was thinking of different things. When I got home I typed something on google and I came across this site about PVT. At first I didn’t want to do it, then my friend called me and said about PVT so I tried. I re-register and I got the “Good pop up” message. I was so happy, I said there’s hope. I probably check it 4-5x that day and still got the same message. Then,in the following day 11/11 in the morning I checked it again and the same message pop, and another one in afternoon, same message. So this PVT gave me hope after all the anxiety I was feeling. After around 5pm or so my friend called me and said to log in to our account in our state BON and lo and behold I PASSED. The PVT works for me and it alleviate my anxiety. :slightly_smiling_face:


You should’ve not gave you’re correct cc expiration date. I heard Pearson won’t give refund. I hope they’ll refund yours. A friend of my friend didn’t get her money back.


The pvt trick does work . I passed !!!


i know and now am waiting to know if i passed or failed
did ur friend end up passing ?
and in ca they dont participate in the quick results
does anyone know how fast i should know
and if fail does that mean i have to wait for 6 weeks to find out


My friend’s friend end up passing. I really don’t know how long you will wait in CA but here in TN, I saw my result on my LARS account about 24 hours and it was posted on our BON for about 48 hours. Maybe you can try to log back in on your LARS account and see if you got your result there.


Hi there. Congratulations for passing the nclex! I took the nclex rn yesterday October 12 (Friday) at 12 noon. Then I tried using the trick at 10pm. I got the bad pop twice. I just wanna ask which day you took the exam maybe we got the same situation. Thanks


Hello. Did you pass the nclex rn even you got the bad pop up? Because we got the same situation I got tha bad pop up twice lasy night. I am kinda freakin out right now. I just took it yesterday. Now it’s Saturday and still quick results is not availble. Thank you.


Took my NCLEX yesterday, still NO RESULTS out. How long it’s gonna take? thanks
PS. I don’t want to try the trick…