Pearson Vue Trick 2019 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?



Just took the exam. Got 140 questions. A ton of multiple answers. I just tried to re-register. It lets me go all the way to enter a payment. I’m too scared to enter a payment. Is that when you’ll officially know? If I enter a payment and press submit and it accepts?! Or since I was able to get to the payment screen that is how I know I failed?


It has to accept the payment attempt. A lot of people intentionally put in the incorrect expiration date on a credit card so the payment won’t go through in case it does accept the payment, so you could try that.

After hitting submit, if it rejects your credit card, then it tried to accept the payment which is a sign that you failed. If it just says you cannot re-register right now, then that’s a passing sign.


Hi, everyone! I took my test yesterday and had 75 questions after basically knowing only 1/4 of the stuff they asked! Never ever I felt soooo lost and dumb… So now Im getting nervous whether the system shut down after the minimum questions because it figured I failed or because I got simply lucky and passed!? I did the trick and it woudnt let me register since yesterday after giving me a good pop up. Also, I got that email about " u took ur Nxlex and maybe you have questions"… Assuming it to be a good sign as well? Besides, havent gotten any ATT performance record or whatever it is it for the proof of fail. Please, tell me I passes and it would not change???:(((


Here are some positive signs:

  1. It sounds like you had hard questions since you felt out of your league. This means you were likely testing above the passing threshold.
  2. You didn’t get a performance report. Those are only sent to people who don’t pass.
  3. You couldn’t re-register for another NCLEX.


Thanks for the reply! This chat really helps everyone to stay alive and hopeful before getting to quick results:) The question which bothers me is that do they send performance report DURING these 2 waiting days or later AFTER you know you fail already? Every single email I receive I open up praying it not to be the performance report lol


JUst wanted to say the trick works so no need to go crazy after the test for 2 days cause you can find out pass or fail right away after the test…! Seems like it’s all about the trusting issue between PVT and students haha I PASSED!!!:slight_smile:


I triedthe PVT with a fake expiration date and CVC number. It wouldn’t be let me make a payment because the information was inaccurate.
I took the test yesterday 8/20/18 at 8am.
I didn’t see my name posted on the board of nursing website yet.
Today I tried to pay for another exam, and I put all the accurate information, and it wouldn’t let me pay for another. ITs been well over 24hours since I tested.

I hope I passed. I’m depressed and scared.


Is there any assurance that when you received the email right after your exam have a higher chance that you passed?


Thank you for the info! I checked my NCLEX result today and it says i passed! PVT works! i got the same message when i did the trick! AMEN!


Took my NCLEX at 8am 8/29/18 for the 2nd time. The first time i took the NCLEX i failed at 75 questions and i got the bad pop saying it wouldn’t accept my card (put in the wrong expiration). I tried again after a day and put in the right info this time and it made me pay for registration. Found out later that i did indeed fail and i guess horribly since it stopped at 75 Qs. Took it the 2nd time today and finished in 148 Qs and I got the good pop up saying “Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time”. I now have high hopes that i passed! will reply if i passed!


I took nclex on 8/29. It cut off at 82 questions with about 40 being sata. Received an email stating to call for any additional questions. I tried the pvt and got the good pop up. Now just patiently waiting.


Just found out I passed! Confirms both the good and bad messages for PVT in my experience. Also for people that might want to know what my test was like. Finished in 148 Qs, got 39 SATA( didn’t have any SATA in about the last 25Qs), 2 put into correct order, 1 EKG, a good amount of prioritization, and no math problems. Trust in PVT!


I wrote on August 29th/18. No option for quick results where I am from. I did the PVT and got the good popup. Will be reporting if it works or not as soon as I find out my official results. I just want to provide others with answers when they frantically search google to determine if the PVT is legit or not haha.


I just took the NCLEX PN today and my test shut off @ 85 questions. I did the pearson vue trick and got the positive message saying “Our records indicate that you have registered for this test. Another registration cannot be made at this time”. It was a bit of a relief to see this message but I still won’t be satisfied until I get the unofficial results 48 business hours later. I took the test on Saturday and Monday is a holiday (Labor Day) so I won’t know my results until Wednesday. Just a waiting game now.


PVT still works !! I took my NCLEX RN in California. I tested last saturday Sept/ 01.My test shut off at 75 questions and felt awful after that. I was hoping tons of select all that apply like my classmates between 36 and 45 to pass with a minimum of 75. ( I was a B student, so my expectations were 150 questions minimum lol)… I only got 12! . Although I got questions from everything. I was hopeless! I got the email from pearson 20 min later. Then, I tried the pvt and got the good pop up! that gave me peace and could sleep that night. Here in Cali, we dont get quick results ! the only way to find out is the brn website. My classmates tried the next day and theirs showed up at midnight. But mine didnt!!! It was a holiday so, I kept my hopes up!! I tried the pvt again and it was the good pop up. My status for pearson was “results not available” , so in my mind I was thinking yes , the test hasn’t been graded for the second time lol. Its a holiday!! … Monday morning the good pop up kept appearing on the screen. Now, Tuesday 12 am . I am officially an RN . Just checked the brn website ! God is amazing!!


it worked! just got my letter:)


I took my nclex rn today(9/6/18) at 8am, had alot of OB&G and SATA questions. Finished on 79 questions at 1hr…10mins after I got an email from PV “Now that you’ve completed the NCLEX Examination, we understand you may still have questions…” 9 hrs after I used PVT and got a pop up “the candidate currently has test results that are on hold.A new registration cannot be created at this time” I’m staying positive though


I would assume that since you couldn’t pay again and it told you that there is an open registration, that you probably passed.


I tried to apply for retake exam. My application is still pending. I took my test 8/21. I tried to pay $150 for the retake. I checked my bank statement it went through. But I am receiving this error message saying, “Unable to process at this time due to similar open application, license is cancelled, license is deliquent…blah blah”.
I don’t know what to feel…
Did I fail???
Please help!!!

Please adviseeeeeee. Need helpppppp

Omgggg!!! I am so nervous… can’t wait to see my results

On breeze. I tried to apply for retake exam under my vocational nurse file #. It went through. But when I apply for licensure by exam under “start application or take an exam”. It always gives me an error message.

I am confused now. Been 16days of waiting.
I tried PVT but it always gives me a bad pop up with “payment declined”.


Is it true or accurate that if you pass you will receive an email saying Now that you’ve completed the NCLEX Examination, we understand you may still have questions.” - Is this a good sign too?

Please Reply :pensive::disappointed::worried:


I answered 265 questions and I’m scared to do PVT, I’m praying for the good result…

Just an update, I passed my NCLEX RN with 265 questions. My license is already on breeze after 48 hours. God is amazing