Pearson Vue Trick 2019 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?



just update… so yesterday i did my PVT trick! and it went through… :grimacing: and still hoping! for the quick result… but i guess my agony is over… they send me my ATT! which a really CONFIRMATORY sign that i didn’t passed… EARLY HUH! :cry: should i schedule my self ahead? hahaha! well, that’s life… keep moving! study hard and try it again… :blush:


what does it mean if u did the pvt for the first time and it will say the good pop up and then u try again and it will make u aubmit and pay? any advice will do thank you so much


I’m sorry you didn’t pass. Good luck next time. It sounds like the PVT worked for you.


I took my Nclex-RN last week 7/18/2018 I got 75 questions. Walked out of the testing center in tears. Called my mom, we were already planning for me to test again in 45 days. Got home called my friend from nursing school. She suggested I do the PVT, I didn’t want to do it because I did it the last time I tested and god the “bad pop up” and I did fail. However I decided to give it a try to try and ease my mind a little concerning my results. I did the PVT and this time I got the “good pop up” that gave me some relief, but I was still holding my breath. In VA we don’t have quick results. I kept typing my name on the BON website, and behold 24hrs later my name, license number, and etc showed up! I couldn’t be happier! I passed Nclex-RN you can do the same. Never! Give up!!
Steps to do PVT
Go on the Pearson website
Register for the Nclex just as you did the first time.
Fill everything out
When you get to the credit card section
Type in the right cc number, name, and expiration date
Put in the wrong CVC on the back of card
Click submit l(the trick won’t work until you click submit)
If you are afraid to spend $200 use and old card and change up a few things like exp date or something
If you receive a message saying “Our records indicate…” congrats! You passed!
If you receive a message saying “Your credit card has been declined” I’m sorry, you’ve failed
Best of luck everyone!


I took my NCLEX test on July 25, 2018 at 2 PM. I was finished at 4:30 PM. The computer shut off at 86 questions. I waited until I got the email from Pearson within 15 minutes from walking out of the building. I did the trick at 5:35 PM and the “Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time.” (The good pop up). Just to make sure I tried it again at 7 PM and recieved the same message. I then waited until after 24 hours and tried the trick for the 3rd time and the exact same message showed up. 48 hours had passed I went on the BON website typed my name in and there it was my name. So yes the trick does work no doubt.


Alright so it’s July 28 2018 finished the exam about 5 hours ago form this post. Got the email from Nclex saying hey you just finished the exam here’s what next shortly after finishing the exam earlier.
Anyways followed the instructions and got the good pop up… entered my correct info, credit card number but put in a made up expiration date and special code number
So this means I passed right? No idea and can’t get my quick results yet. I’m not very confident though because I think I got to about question 150 or so and ran out of time. Also for the last 40 questions or so I went at a faster pace and so while I do recall getting a mixture of select all’s, descent amount of pick the patient you should take care of first but also got some direct ones like “Disease process… name a symptom”… but so Idk what to say. I know the last question I answers was a select all but then the next question I got but didn’t answer because ran out of time was the disease process name a symptom sort of question.

So idk what’re your thoughts?


One last note: under the quick results thing where you pay 8 bucks… it says my results are not yet ready yet to be viewed aka hasn’t been 48 hours or whatever… but again everything above stands


Oh thanks for checking in and letting me know some feedback especially the part where no one responded. But I passed. So for those that don’t finish your exam like I did theirs hope and the trick thing works.


So I took my test July 30th, which was also my birthday! throughout the test I had mostly select all that apply which was the questions that I scored the worse on in nursing school. My friend saw her license on MBON today. Of coarse mine was not there so, I started freaking out. I came across this trick and I received the message that suppose to mean that you PASSED, well my quick results are suppose to be available tomorrow, We shall see!!


Happy birthday! Did you and your friend both take your NCLEX on the same day? Unfortunately state boards of nursing can sometimes take lots of time to process testing results and it can definitely be frustrating. Let us know about the quick results and if the PVT holds true for you :slight_smile:


So took my exam on 08-03-2018, stopped at 75 question, thought I failed that test jokes apart I thought those questions were so vague I felt dumb as shit. But still I took my time to answer each and everyone of them. Got about 40 SATA questions or may be more but not less for sure. Walked out 10 min later received an email from Pearson(which is another good sign I think) so did the trick and got good pop up and checked it again after 24 hrs and still same.

Went to my state board of nursing website and checked and here you go license # and license type RN I couldn’t believe it but f**k it is still there.

So the moral of the story is yes PVT works if you do it rite and another few things like getting more SATA questions and getting an email rite after the test are also good signs of you passed.

Cheers and good luck to future testers.


Hey I tired the PVT about a half hour after I took the test and it work the first two times after I tired the third and fourth I got the message stating that my card was declined. I was the. Restricted from signing in. After I got that cleared up I tired and again and it didn’t work and stated my card was declined what do I do and what does this mean?


hey Derek,

what happened with your results? did they decline you because you have been sumitting too many times?


HI I just took the NCLEX in the morning finish at 12:40 am eastern standard time, as soon as I left I receive the email from pearson vue nclex examination information however I did the PVT and it let me go throurg the payment, I am devastating I want to cry scream and run, I did 265 question plus the case studies and it took me 4h 40 minutes, I can say that by question 160 I was burned out. I happy for these that pass I always heard thath PVT works. :sob::sob::sob:


Yes and my account got restricted but when I tired it initially, it didn’t work and I got the pop-up on my phone twice and went and tried it on my computer and then it declined. But it worked on my phone. I don’t know what to think!


I took the board December 28 2017 when I failed and tied the PVT it went through but I definitely failed. It’s 2018


@Derek_Large your situation sounds so bizarre. I hope you’ll report back when you know one way or another. Good luck!


did you contact pearson? do you have your license now?


i’m so sorry to hear that! you took 265 questions and they made you do the special research questions?! damn!!!

i had do the special research questions too and i did not answer them correctly. my hands were shaking and i couldn’t focus on the case studies


The extra stuff at the end is experimental and optional. They should do better in explaining that since so many people seem to think it’s mandatory.