Pearson Vue Trick 2019 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?

yes this PVT is indeed legit, 30 students in my batch at gurnick academy that took nclex ahead of me and they all passed. I just took my nclex pn last july 2, 2019 and after just an hr took my test i tried PVT coz i was so nervous i had 205 questions and i thought i didnt make it but PVT relieved my anxiousness. I re register and it says " i have recently scheduled this exam". :blush:

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Yes it really does work!

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know (since I’m sure people who have recently taken this in the middle of July 2019 can see there has not been many posts on this forum around this time) that this trick really does work. The 48 hours of waiting was the WORST part of taking the nclex. However! This forum of all these supportive people really helped me so you are definitely in the right place. I tried the trick pretty much every couple of hours from an hour and a half after my exam on Friday to just an hour before my quick results were posted today (Sunday) and received the good pop up. I did not trust it though. I searched and searched to find someone out there’s with a false positive (got the good pop up and ended up not passing). But there is nothing out there. So that’s reason number one why you should trust this. Number two is that many people do not even have the option for quick results in their state and they RELY on this for determining whether they passed or fail. I know there are certain occasions when this has not been the case and someone has gotten their credit card information to go through and it has and then they end up passing. I’m not sure what that necessarily means but if you get the good pop up consistently after 24 hours from what I’ve heard and now experienced youre in the clear. I passed with 95 questions and took two and a half hours! Just trying to contribute to the conversation on here since others before me really helped me relax in that awful waiting period. Good luck to everyone and congrats to all the new RNs out there! :two_hearts:

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First of all I want to thank everyone for contributing to this chat as it has been a huge help. I never share on forums like these but given the circumstances I feel it’s appropriate since I’ve gained so much by reading through ALL of these posts.

Let me start by telling you that nursing is my second degree, and I graduated top of my class in nursing school. i never failed an exam in nursing school and I always got 99.99% on all of my HESI exits exams for every class. That being said when school was over I wasn’t really in the mood to study; I was exhausted and burnt out but i still gave it a few hours each day. I utilized HURST review which is really just a watered down overview of nursing school and I used UWorld mostly for questions. Hurst offers these simulators and they claim that if you can get 77 questions correct out of 125 you’re sure to pass; I got 91 of 125 and 90 of 125 - I only did two of the four simulations. On UWorld I did around 1000 questions and 1 full practice test on which I obtained an grade of 80% and that placed me in the 98th percentile – it also claimed my chance of passing was very high. I left it at that, there was another practice test but I didn’t want to over study. To be honest, I had already received a lot of reports from fellow classmates that the NCLEX wasn’t too bad (don’t know what they were smoking!) and they mostly reported getting a lot of SATA questions and no math, plenty of prioritization and leadership stuff so I thought i was good because to be honest I really like SATA questions - i find them easier for some reason.

I took my test yesterday at 0800 and walked out of there at 1130 trembling like a leaf. I knew i was in trouble by the 2nd question. these questions were unlike anything i had ever seen. i found them vague and specific all at once. HURST said that this exam was just about safety and that the exam makers only really expected me to have 2 weeks of vast nursing knowledge - what a load of crap. these questions were crazy and then i started doubting myself because i got 2 or 3 math questions - and i think i barely got 15 SATA questions and I kept thinking I was doing badly because of how few SATA questions i had. by question 50 i just kept thinking that I was going to fail this damn test and what a disappointment i was to my program as the valedictorian. it’s pretty amazing how this exam can cut you down and shred your confidence - I felt like such a stupid and unsafe nurse - I found myself asking myself the dumbest questions. when the computer went off at 75 questions I was horrified because I felt confident i had failed. I wanted to keep going so I could show those test makers that I’m not an idiot. I was in a daze. I went through the field questions which i really enjoyed - much more that their questions anyway - i guess that makes me a nerd. and then I went to the car and just sat there in shock feeling that I had just failed my first exam.
I got the email shortly thereafter and I went to go have a stiff drink. While I was drinking vodka I tried the PVT - this was around 1300 and I got the good pop up. I got the good pop up again at 1800 and again at 2200 for good measure.

I guess my point is that if it’s true that I passed as the PVT trick has shown, then you don’t have to get a bunch of SATA questions to pass, because that was really messing with my head as I took the exam. Also if your exam seems impossibly difficult - then chances are you’re doing well, because I thought my head was gonna start smoking from how hard the questions were and they were just plain multiple choice questions.

I should get my quick results by tuesday and I hope it’s good news. I will follow up to let you know how it turned out.

UPDATE: I PASSED! PVT WORKS - don’t doubt it and don’t waste your time worrying; if you got the good pop up then you’re good. it worked for me and all my friends. best of luck future RNs and godspeed.

OK, I tried the PVT and the “good” error message showed up. I took the exam this afternoon, and like others, I thought I bombed it after the first 10 questions. I left the test and thought that I would lose the fantastic job I have waiting for me, yada, yada. I thought about this trick, but I heard that it does not work anymore. So, I am now eagerly awaiting my results to see if the PVT does indeed work - I will post an update once I receive my results.:crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

Update: It works, I passed! I receive my email from my BON this morning with my license number.

Took the test on Monday (7/15/19) and I had no idea about this trick until three hours ago. Hopefully, it’s true and that it works. Not sure I’m up for another 265 :grimacing:

Update: passed the test

image I just took my NCLEX today and I did the “PVT TRICK” after I received an email from Pearson. I got the “good pop up” I’m just waiting for my email confirmation because my anxiety is through the roof but my faith in THE MOST HIGH is GREATER…I’ll be back with my update!

Did you end up passing?

Did you take your exam in California?

I took the test in Utah

Hello all,
This forum eased my mind so much that I wanted to add my experiences! To study for NCLEX-RN I did the entire Uworld bank until I got every question right (Re-doing all my incorrect questions over and over until I knew the rationales) and the assessments gave me a high probability of passing. Our school made us do Kaplan so I also completed the question trainers and readiness test. I got a 71 on my readiness test and was feeling semi-confident going in.
I started the test this morning at 8am. It was much more difficult than I expected. I could literally hear my heart pounding in the noise cancelling headphones. I never felt totally confident on any answer I chose, so I expected to go the full duration. I paused and took a deep breath before submitting question 75. It took me to the research section. It was over. I didn’t leave feeling confident that I passed, nor that I failed. I had 24 SATA questions, so I figured that was probably a good sign, but I don’t feel like I got many of them right. I went out to brunch with a friend and when I got home I tried the PVT and got the “good” Popup! I will update in a few days when I find out my official results!!

UPDATE: Just saw my license posted on BREEZE! PVT WORKS!

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Awesome news! I still remember that pounding heartbeat sound in the headphones haha :smile:

Hi everybody! I took my NCLEX RN 7/18/19. I completed the Hurst review and did a lot of practice questions from a Saunders Q&A book. I closed my eyes before clicking next on question 75, and was pretty excited for it to shut off. I didn’t even bother participating in the research section because it took me two hours just to do the 75 questions, and I was ready to get out of there. I felt okay leaving. I waited exactly two hours before doing the PVT trick, and I got the good pop-up. I was so happy! This forum really put me at ease, as I felt the pop-up was all I needed to confirm that I passed!
24 hours later I checked and my name and license number confirmed it! This definitely works, and I recommend it to everyone anticipating their results!

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Hey everyone? I just finished the exam, pretty sure I failed. the thing is when I try to register my school code page doesn’t go through.
it shows that *Select the nursing program from which you graduated. Please fill in any combination of the following fields.
Nothing matched your search criteria. Please change your criteria and try again.

I keep trying much time, still the same and I am pretty sure the school code is right. ( from confirming email. )

Does anyone know about?

I’ll jump in! First of all, bless this forum and thread, it kept me from going off the deep end while awaiting official news one way or another.

Took NCLEX-RN in Ohio on 7/24. I chose to move my test date up from 7/26 because I started to not sleep and couldn’t tolerate food from all the anxiety. I had to take the test and just get it over with. There was nothing more I could do in uWorld and there was nothing more I could listen to with Mark Klemik that would make or break me at that point.

I suprisingly relaxed at the testing center. I flew through the tutorial just to get to the good stuff. Finally my first question popped up and it felt like a middle tier neuro question. On and on I went… the test was weird though, I felt encouraged that I saw strings of SATA back to back, but I felt unconfident with a check mark here or there, and I rarely felt 100% confident with any of the multiple choice. All of the questions really make you read, and read again, and then think outside of the box. Not one question was cut and dry like in uWorld or even some of my nursing school exams. So while I felt clueless and wondered where I went wrong with my studying, I stayed encouraged that the questions seemed of a higher difficulty instead of getting something like “is a potassium of 6.5 bad”? :joy:

When I reached question 40 I took a pee break. I promised myself not to stress over time, and I budgeted to take small stretch breaks for the long haul.

Finally I got to question 75. The pattern of the test remained the same, a SATA or 2 here and there. A who would you see first here and there. I had 3 math, one of which I thought was higher difficulty because it dealt with a Pitocin drip and needed conversion to get the right mL/hr. My 75th question was about an anticoagulant. I answered it and then the computer bounced me over to the research questions. I felt panicked!! I wanted more questions. I felt so uneasy that I bombed the SATA and chose just enough wrong responses on more basic stuff that the computer had enough of me. I called the Proctor over right away and told her I didnt want to do the research questions (I felt like garbage). She exited me out of the exam, and I just had to complete a survey about the testing center.

15 minutes later I got the standard Pearson email that I finished the exam. When I got home 45 minutes later I did the PVT with dread. I got the good pop up! I wasn’t convinced, I said it must have been too early. So I did it again an hour later and then again and again and again throughout the day. Still the good pop up! I said to myself, surely there is a mistake, I’ll check it after midnight, maybe the system has to reset or something. Checked it again after midnight, guess what? Still the good pop up! Then to my delight, on 7/25 @ 7am I woke up to a wonderful email from the Ohio Board of Nursing with my nursing license information.

I passed that beast in 75 and the PVT WORKS!!! Good luck all :pill::syringe:


7/29/19 is the day i took my test. After getting to 85 my heart dropped. And i need to take a break. I decided to slowly pace up and down the nearest hall while deep breathing, remembering to stay calmed and relaxed. After 10mins i walked back in and made it to 205. I got home 2 hours later and tried the PVT and “good” message and im still in disbelief. I promise to keep y’all posted.

Took my NCLEX-PN on 7/29, got cut off at 100 questions. I have been getting the good pop up since; tried 3 times already. Praying that we PASS. :crossed_fingers:

I dont know what to do. Took my exam Friday 2pm. Ended at 76. Around 20 SATA’s, some delegations, prioritizations, 1 ECG, 2 maths. Left the building, tried PVT, it says on hold. Its Tuesday already, still on hold. What do you guys think is happening? Anyone in the same boat?

Tuesday night
After 4 days, hold is lifted, just got a good pop up.

Update again:
Thursday morning
BRN license posted. Thank you, Lord!

PVT works!


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