Pearson Vue Trick 2019 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?



No update yet still same message on Pearson.


Here is my pop up:

it looks different but content is same.


That means you passed😊


It’s just updated pop up… mine was the same and took test on 03/08… got result Monday night at 11:40pm


Guys this is the update after the hold.


Unfortunately, that’s a fail according to the PVT. But it’s not 100%.


Hope so and thank you! But CA is too slow now.


I took nclexpn on 3/5/19 in CA, 3 days after I did the PVT and I got the good pop up, it’s more than a week, I haven’t see my name on BON. Did anyone know how long it will take to see my name on BON, any similar case in CA.


I recently took my NCLEX in California on 3/11/19, and soon after receiving the email from Pearson Vue about further examination question I attempted the PVT. I followed the instructions as listed on this site, and I got the good pop up! For the next two days, I continued to do the PVT trick several times a day! Today 3/13/19 I found out I passed the NCLEX and I am an RN! With that said I firmly believe the PVT still works! PS. 10 of my other classmates who did the PVT and got the good pop up ended up passing their NCLEX as well! Good luck to anybody reading this. I know how stressful the waiting process is, but the result is worth it! Stay positive!


Congratulations to you! I took on March 06 with good pop up too, so far how come I did not get anything. Same in CA. What is my situation?


Hi , me here, took Lvn on March 06. My friend took few month ago can find there name on breezy just three days after test.


Hello Cindy,
I am not sure why your name is not yet posted on the BON. Have you tried contacting the board? Some of my other classmates found out in 72hours or more depending on what day of the week they took it.


I am going to call them. Thank you


You’re Welcome! Best of Luck!


Any updates for calling the Board? I am in CA also. Took my nclex on 3/13 @0800. Did the PVT and got the good pop up but no results yet. Every person in my program that I’ve talked to has seen their name on the board of RN for CA when they’ve searched after 48-72 hours. I really wish CA participated in quick results bc my anxiety is through the roof right now.


Did you take your test in the am?


I took my test at 11:30am on a Monday. I think I got my results quickly because maybe not that many people tested on that date. There were several empty seats while I was testing. Also, two of my friends recently took their NCLEX on 3/12/19 and 3/13/19 in CA and they both have not received their results. They are also getting the good pop up on Pearson Vue. I know its easier said than done, but try your best to stay positive and calm. I strongly believe in the PVT and I believe you all passed!


Thank you for your post. You definitely eased my anxiety a bit. I spoke to someone in the cohort one year ahead of mine and she said her name wasn’t up for a week, so I’m still hopeful. Just trying not to get my hopes up too much, just in case. CA really needs to start participating in quick results!


You’re welcome and I am glad I can ease your anxiety a bit. This forum helped me through my waiting process and I thought I should pay it forward! I definitely agree that CA should participate in quick results! Keep us posted on your status. Wishing you the best!


Anyone take the NCLEX-RN in California on 3/13 who has received their results? My brother took it and is getting the good pop up on pvt but nothing is showing up on ca BON site yet.