Pearson Vue Trick 2019 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?



Yess mines looks just like that. The layout is different from the others. Is it because of a system update ? @admin @Stephanie_Ray



God willing we have positive result like others🙏 I took last 3/7/19 in california.


Were waiting admin for your info😆


pretty sure I failed. Although I looked on BON and they gave me a graduate nurse license the same day as my test for 3 months and I never applied for it. So I’m not sure. Everyone says this means I failed, so I’m just going to wait for my unofficial results.


That is the same message as before, only an updated look. PVT says you passed! I’ll update the main post with your screenshot to keep things current.


That’s not an ideal result. It doesn’t 100% mean that you failed because a few people reported similar results and still passed their test.


Yea I figured its not passing. Just confused as to why they would give me a grad nurse license for 3 months if I have failed. Especially seeing as I never applied for it because it does me no good at my place of employment. I’ll update when I know.


Well it’s official! I was able to pay for my initial license today on breeze. It was just an updated system. I’m stress free. Good luck everyone!


Can you share to me what im gonna do?


Just took NCLEX RN yesterday 3/8/19. Got a good pop-up 4hrs after the exam and up to now, 24hrs after. But i checked my name on and my state was already updated but my name wasnt there as i type. Is that a bad sign?


Took nclex stop at 75 questions and did the vue trick 1 hr 2 hr 5hr etc. and it show me the message that everyone wants to see. Our records indicate…
Took test thurs at 8am finish by 10ish and Saturday’ approx 1am I was able to officially see my name on ca verification page. :hugs: I believe in this vue trick.


I just did the exam 2 days ago. Exactly 48 hrs later, i passed. I did the PVT and its true! :heart:


was it 48 hrs for quick results from the time you start or finished?
freaking out over here. took it 2 days ago 8am.


Hi! I did my pvt 4 hours after i took the exam. And all good pop up. 48 hrs after the start i took the exam., the results came out. And i passed. If you had good pop up. Dont worry. The PVT worked! :heart:


thank you so much! results came out 48 hrs from when I received the email after my test. I passed :slight_smile:


Did the exam today in Florida . I had to do all 265 questions! I have check many time still says “The candidate currently has test results that are on hold. A new registration cannot be created at this time.”


I got good pop up and it’s true…after 3 days I checked on breeze and I passed :blush:


i just took the nclex today with 94 questions. I tried doing the PVT trick. It says "its on hold. I was able to leave the testing with scanning my hand without any problems. I would appreciate it if anyone can please explain this to me. I tested in Texas.


Have you received any updates or change in status? Or what this means?