Pearson Vue Trick 2019 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?



I tried the trick yesterday 2/15 a few hours after finishing the NCLEX in 75 question. I tried first with and old gift card and then with my CC number with the last digit changed (charges can still go through even with a wrong expiration and security number, if you give the correct CC number) and both times got the “bad pop-up” asking for the correct CC info. I feel fairly confident that I passed because I am a straight A student, always got proficiency level 2 or 3 on ATI and was scoring in the 96th percentile on U-World. I don’t, however, feel confident enough to gamble $200. I have heard of people getting charged and still passing. I have also heard of many people getting the “bad pop-up” and still passing but i’ve never heard of anyone getting the “good pop-up” and failing. I was distraught yesterday, but I really don’t think I could have failed in 75 questions. We shall see on Tuesday, hopefully!


Hi, you sound like you went to my school WCU!
I took the nclex today 2/16 at 8 am. Went all the way and had questions on diseases that I had not even heard of. I had so many data questions that I stoped counting at 62! I walked out feeling 10 years older! I got the email after I drove out of the building and tried the PVT with false and correct cc info and both times got good pop up after 30 mins. What sucks is that the website is down till tomorrow after 2pm so I can’t check and recheck! So I have to wait till Monday night to see if my name is posted on bvnpt since CA does not partake in quick results! Good luck…


I went to school in California but I don’t live there. I can see the quick results but not for 48 business hours and I took it on a Friday… boo! It sucks Cali doesn’t do the quick results but most of my friends have been able to see their license posted on Breeze within a few days. If you got the good pop-up you’re good! I don’t think you need to keep checking.

If the trick worked for you with a fake CC then maybe I did fail! Yikes! :flushed:


I used it with the real info. Try again and use the real info because if you need to take it again than you have to pay either way and if you don’t, it’s gonna reject it. It can’t charge you for nothing ( Per Pearsonvue ). I’m sure you passed. Best of luck :blush:


Oooh you have quick results, CA doesn’t have it :unamused:


They say they don’t do refunds for any reason. Hopefully they won’t take money for nothing but I wouldn’t trust them seeing as they have that warning.


I took my NCLEX today 2/21 at 8am. It shut off after 126 questions, which I’ve never really heard of people getting. I left the exam not in tears like I expected but still extremely anxious to know if I passed. Well once I got home I started trying to remember questions that I had and searching to figure out if I picked the right answers or not, WHICH I RECOMMEND NOT TO DO!! I feel like i got so many “easy” questions wrong that I should’ve known or do know. It made my anxiety unbearable. I heard that the pearson vue trick no longer works so I wasn’t going to try it, until I became desperate to have some kind of positive indication. I tried the trick at 4pm and I got the “good pop-up”. It brought me a little relief but I still feel like theres a chance I failed, being that I have found so many questions that I got wrong. SOS! What do you guys think?? Im losing my sanity. Tomorrow morning CANNOT come soon enough.


I understand your anxiety. I took mine yesterday at 8am. Got to my car at 11 and recieved an email from pearson around 1115. Got the good pop ups at 1130 and today still. Feel defeated about the exam but just remember you graduated from a program so you already went through the hardest part. In a sense at least!


PVT works, I passed with 75 questions!


Hey guys,
I took the NCLEX-RN on 2/22/2019. I went in really confident after doing a ton of Kaplan questions and was praying for 75 questions. Well I got my wish, but I left basically in tears thinking I failed miserably because I got all really basic and easy questions at the end of my test after getting harder questions right at the beginning and not knowing literally any of the information I was presented with (to the point where both of the Pearson employees told me to take a deep breath and relax immediately after seeing me while I was leaving). Well I got the e-mail from Pearson thirty minutes after taking my exam asking if I had any questions… After getting that I did the “trick” (entered all correct card information except for the expiration date) and got the message saying their records indicate that I have recently scheduled this exam blah blah blah… This definitely did not alleviate my nerves, and I spent the next 48 hours as a complete wreck. However, I checked Sunday at 3:10pm, literaly 48 hours and two minutes after I had finished my exam, and guess what??? I passed!!! My advise is trust the Pearson trick (unless you get a neutral or bad pop up cause I’ve heard of a lot of people getting them and still passing) and ignore how you felt about the test as a whole. I literally did not feel confident on a single answer after being an A student throughout my entire ABSN program (and having a previous bachelor’s degree in bio/pre-med) and doing really well on the Kaplan review.
I hope you all do great and am sure you will do so!!!
Good luck!!!


Did you pass? I hope :crossed_fingers:t3: you did.


Did you pass? I hope :crossed_fingers:t3: you did


Hello! I used the PVT approximately 12 times. The first time I checked it was 2.5 hours after I had finished the NCLEX with 265 questions, felt super bummed. The good pop-up showed up the first time and then 11 times after :). I’m from Ontario, Canada, so received an email from the College of Nurses of Ontario this morning, and I had passed. Thank you PVT for relieving a little bit of anxiety!


Hello there. Im comfused i did the pvt but they took my cc and re-register to sit for the exam. But i recieved an email from them stating that “not that you completer the nclex exam” what is that mean? Still praying that i passed :pray:t2:


The email you received is a standard email that is sent to everyone who takes their NCLEX. Unfortunately, the fact that you were able to pay and re-register for another NCLEX means you probably failed… at least according to the PVT.


Hi! I took NCLEX RN in 3/5/19… tried the PVT like after the test…
Got a good pop up first hour, 24 hours later, 48 hours later… but nothing update on breeze. Oh, I live in CA tho. Anyone getting the test result?


Does anyone know what a bad popup looks like? I have seen pics of good popups. Mine keeps telling me my card was declined. I tried changing the exp date and the cvc code. The pearson website has also said due to inclimate weather it is down in some areas… I tried 2x yesterday and 1x today.


I’ll start with saying I’m very impatient. I took NCLEX 3/5/2019 in Fairfield Ca. Did PVT and got the good pop up. My pop up looks different from everyone else’s that I’ve seen but it does say the exact message “our records indicate…”. Maybe an updated system ? Anywho I’m still getting the good pop up 72 hours post test. Breeze hasn’t updated yet some of my friends were able to pay for their initial license 48 hours after just wondering why mines haven’t updated. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t5:


@Stephanie_Ray @Lalaland23 Can you post screenshots of what you are getting so we can try to make sense of it? Thanks.


mine too! Is this the same from others?Thanks