Pearson Vue Trick 2019 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?



Tuesday @ 2pm UGH !!!

I have nothing yet!!!

Myself and 2 others have been waiting… we took ours 1/22 at 2pm

This is beyond insane and frustrating. On the BRN website it is saying that they’re processing is taking 2-4 weeks, but people who took it in fresno got theirs in less than 48 hrs. So confusing and there is absolutely no one we can contact.

@lorddccom can you private message me

The PVT has worked for everyone that I know, thus far. You have to go through the whole process and submit your order with the correct card information and if it takes your payment it is not a good sign. If you enter incorrect info and it asked you to enter a correct info it is also a bad sign (meaning the system will take your $). Don’t freak out because you go through all the steps this is the only way you can do it (no pressure, if you want to). Just saying when I did it I was prepared for them to take my $$$$. :confused: My point being that if it tells you that you already have an exam scheduled you’re good to go and you can take a breather. The BRN in CA is clearly running behind. There are many of us who have been waiting for almost 1 week. We all took our exam in Sacramento.

I am officially an RN!!! Good luck everyone!!! PVT is legit 100%!!!


hello i just took my nclex pn on 1/22/19 exactly a week ago went up to 205 its my third time & taking the exam and as you can imagine i was super sad thinking i failed a third time, (in California)but god must have heard my prayers because i got the good pop up 24hrs after i took the exam then tried the pvt trick again 3 times the next two days still the good pop up im still in disbelief and still waiting for my letter im so anxious to see if i truly did pass but i really thought i would receive my letter today? i know california is slow with this but i read on here that a lot of people from cali received their letter a week later? help please! PS: i went on the bvnpt website & noticed that under applications column i can check which week their on and for the NCLEX-PN results it says they’re barely on week of Jan.12, 2019 so maybe they are just behind?


omg thank goodness i seen your comment i also took my NCLEX-PN on 1/22/19 in sacramento and eagerly waiting on my results i got the good pop up so that’s what’s keeping me sane lol but my family and i are so anxious for me to finally receive the letter ugh!!! why must they be behind lol i checked their website and it said that for the week of january 28th, 2019 they are currently reviewing the NCLEX-PN results for week of Jan.12, 2019!!! but im still hopeful that i magically receive my letter by the end of the week lol


I took mine today 2/1/19, and went through all 265. Got the “good email”, bug bad PVT. I have a sinking feeling. Does anyone know how long it takes before we get the CPR?


How long did it take before you got your performance report?


Hello everyone I’m just very anxious during this waiting game I recently took my nclex pn for the third time on 1/22/2019 in Sacramento California & I couldn’t believe I got the good pop up 24 hours after the exam so I tried it again on the second & third day & still the good pop up so my question is that I still haven’t received my results letter & as I checked online it says that for the week of January 28th, 2019 they are currently reviewing nclex on results for the week of January 12, 2019 !! Did anyone else test on that day or week in Sacramento & is experiencing the same issue?


PVT works 100%!!!
I took my NCLEX-RN on Saturday 1/26/19 at 1:00PM (PST) - California
Within 5 minutes of exiting my test, I went through the motions and received a message stating, “! The candidate currently has an open registration for this exam. A new registration cannot be created at this time.”

Later on in the evening, about 3 hours later, I tried paying again and received the message stating, “! Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled the exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time.”

Within 48 hours, I tried paying over a dozen times… Same message… I let my anxiety take over and kept myself on the edge.
Finally, at 12:03am (PST) on 1/29/19, my license posted on

The posted date for my license is for 1/28/19.

Good luck to you ALL and I hope the PVT eases your mind like it did for me.

NCLEX Quick Results from NCSBN/Pearson Vue Aren't Worth It!

Hi all, so I have a few things to say, first i took the NCLEX in october of 2018 did the PVT and it took my payment. I was told this meant i failed, well it was right i failed. I just took it a 2nd time on Feb 2nd and this time it keeps saying I’ve already registered & it wont take my payment. From what I’ve been told this is good. Heres the delima, I took the exam on a Saturday in the morning and I ran out of time! I only got to 255 questions, I honestly don’t know if I should go drink my sorrows away because I’ve been doing a lot of crying. Now that’s one you don’t here, everyone talks about getting 75 or so questions and it shuts off, and here I am getting almost all the questions, and running out of time! The PVT says I passed but its it right? I’ve checked about 6 times since my exam and its now officially Sunday. I obviously can’t check the board of nursing because they’re closed on Sunday’s and now im freaking out even more! Has anyone taken their exam on a Saturday and found the PVT to be helpful? I mean the 1st time it was right when I failed so I hope it’s correct in saying I passed. 2nd has anyone else been in my same boat where you ran out of time and still passed? Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks!


It is worth paying, it helps os much to know your result, and if you don’t get the official email from BON within 48, you can call and ask them, i mean some states it could take unto 6 weeks, in my case they messed up y email so I didn’t received it within 48, so i called after 3 days and if I didn’t they would have never send me the email, so even if they get annoyed it doesn’t hurt to call and ask them.


Check by Monday. That’s 48 hrs. I believe you passed

I did all questions, I got an email after the exams for questions things, I have a ‘good pop up’. I wrote on the 2/1/19. I tried the pop twice before 24hrs and once slightly after 24hrs. I didn’t receive no report(GOD FORBID IT) WHAT DO I do now cos I don’t want to spend $8.00. can I check New York BON website?

What email are you talking about? The CPR email? I just did the PVT now again!

This is what it says again. The 4th time since Friday.

Check the comment under yours pls


I am talking about the official email saying you have passed your NCLEX from BON, you will get it then you can apply for your license.


That screenshot looks great. I think you passed.


Thanks . You give us hope


Took my exam (2-1) Friday at noon. Got the good pop up since Friday evening but no post yet on the BRN in California. Keeping my fingers crossed!


Hi BM88 how many days until you get your official results on the mail? I keep checking on breeze and BON but my name is not on it. I got the good pop up from after 24hrs I took the test and until now. It’s been (13)days today. I am nervous if the good pop up does really work in California since we couldn’t get our official results as fast as other states. I am really worried but have my hopes up because of the good pop up in PVT. thanks in advance!


Yes u passed. PVT works 99%


So I have been following this feed to decide if I wanted to attempt the PVT or not. I tested on Friday, 2/1/19. Finished in 75 questions and felt okay leaving. I didn’t know everything they were asking, but I didn’t feel like I had failed miserably. Tried the PVT about 3 hours later and got the “bad” message. Pearson tried to run my credit card info (incorrect numbers of course)! I spent the weekend wallowing in self doubt convincing myself where the test had gone downhill and what I had missed. Here we are Tuesday morning and you know what… I passed. So although I know the PVT does work, my nursing school friends that tested with me Friday also tried out with “good” outcomes, there is a chance that the “bad” message means nothing. Take it with a grain of salt. I won’t be recommending other friends try it due to the amount of anxiety it caused me!


@Bujuar Thank you! I appreciate!


Took my NCLEX at 730am this morning. Shut off at 75 questions, i’m worried because i do not feel confident about my performance at all. I’m worried that I just bombed it bad enough, it shut off at the minimum amount of questions. Got the “good email” about 45 minutes after finishing the exam. have done the PVT trick 3x and each time i’ve gotten the “good popup” about not being able to register. Should get my quick results Saturday morning. I read somewhere where you have to do the PVT trick with your correct CC info, that if you use the incorrect CC info, it won’t work or isn’t accurate or something, is that true? I’ve used my incorrect exp date and CVC each time i’ve done it. this waiting will be just as painful as taking the exam was!


I am putting in the wrong expiration also, you dont want to accidentally pay for another exam if you dont want to. I think that the page would indicate invalid card because it doesn’t know that you are whether you are elible to re register. I am panick checking every 30 minutes since yesterday. Good luck but I am prepared for the worst. Next time I’ll rock it.