Pearson Vue Trick 2019 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?



I took it Tuesday in Sac! Why the heck is it taking so long!? the anticipation is killing me!


I took my NCLEX on 01/26/19 and the computer shut off at question 76 and I used PVT i got the good pop up and I tried again 10 hours later and still getting a good pop up, please pray for me I pass, I haven’t slept all night and it is the worst torture ever. should I say I am safe yet?


I couldn’t sleep all night, hang in there we are on the same boat and hoping for best


I took my RN NCLEX Friday 1/25. I got the good popup and got my quick results today and I passed. Soooooo there’s high high hope for you


AHHHHH CONGRATULATIONS!!! the best feeling i am sure


Took NCLEX-PN on 1/25/19 (friday) at 2pm in Wisconsin. Did PVT and got good pop up 3 times. Just hoping this works in Wisconsin as well.

I still haven’t gotten my quick results!!! Freaking out over here!

Did you take it in the morning or afternoon? And in which state?


Okay one thing I learned, I didn’t receive my official email from DOPL even-though i passed my NCLEX, so I decided to call today and they messed up my email, and sent to a wrong address that wast delivered to anyone lol, anyways if you don’t get the official email from DOPL within 48hrs after finding out that you passed I would advice you to contact DOPL. I hope that helps.


I tried the PVT trick in 2017 for my LVN. It wokred. I took my RN nclex on 1/25/19. I was sure my computer would shut off at 75, since I had done 85 on my lvn Nclex. I was wrong. I did 163 questions. I was devastated. I came home and was terrified to even attempt the PVT. I checked an hour after receiving the email. I got the “good pop up”. I’ve been checking all weekend, and I am still getting the good pop up. I live in California, so my results wont be available right away. Praying for the best. I will update when I get my results.


I cant believe its taking them this long! I took mine at 8am in Sac…Im glad im not the only one though! my friends all got their results posted around 12:30 am…I always stay up until then and keep checking…ive probably check around 300 times not lie haha


I took my nclex last Saturday 1/26 at 8am. I did the PVT after I got an email from Pearson Vue and got a good pop up. Tried it again at night and still got a good pop up. Does the PVT work on weekends? I’m getting anxious


dang. this is frustrating! did u get the good pop up?


Has there been any evidence of the PVT not working in the past month (Dec 2018-Jan 2019) as far as getting a good pop up but actually failed?

Also has there been any evidence of the PVT working AFTER 24 hours of the NCLEX, but not work after?


Not that we’ve heard of, and we seem to be the internet authority on the PVT.


This trick works I PASSED MY NCLEX nightmare is over. Good luck to everyone


I took mine same date with yours @11am and still waiting… :disappointed:


if that’s the case, with all due respect, then all this anxiety everyone is expressing seems much ado about nothing…


So I took my NCLEX-RN on Tuesday, stopped at 75. and I got the good pop up, (I tried 3 times). However, all my classmates who took their NCLEX, they were able to see their Name under the CA BRN website the next day at exactly 11pm. However that’s not the case for me??? I am just sooo stressed out right now I just don’t know how to feel :frowning: I checked the processing times for the NCLEX results and it says they’re processing January 16-31 now? Any thoughts or Advice? I just need some reassurance.

I’m totally freakin out here. I took my nclex on Tuesday. I’ve done the PVT trick like 8x already. Always getting the “good pop up” though. I feel like I’m going insane though.

I checked it 3x yesterday. And a couple more times today to see if I would get the same pop up and I have every time.

I did. I took it Tuesday for RN. Still waiting for actual results. But did the PVT and had a good pop up every time I checked.

Omg I’m so frustrated!! I got the good pop up! When did you guys take your test?

It’s frustrating on my end because my classmates who took the NCLEX-RN, seen their name on the BRN within 24-48. They got the good pop up too. But me on the other hand gets the good pop up but it’s been 72 hours and I don’t see anything on the BRN yet :pensive:

I took mine on Tuesday too in sac! I’m going crazy lol

Hoping the best for all of us!!

Hoping we get our results soon! The wait is killing me! I took mine as well @ 2pm on Tuesday. They need to hurry up lol

My classmates who took it like before the week of Jan 21, were able to see their names on the CA BRN website within 24-48 hours. But it seems like people who took it after the 15th have had to wait longer. So I’m hoping that there is just a delay! The anticipation is killer!!

Yes I did. I checked so many times and still got the good pop up. I’m just frustrated that I’m the only person out of my whole class who didn’t get results as fast as they did! But then also a quarter of my class haven’t even received their ATT yet as well. Such a waiting game we are all playing!

Just checked BRN and my name is on there!


me too! woo hoo! long wait but so happy we passed! Congrats!!!


My name just posted on the BRN! I PASSED! THE PVT WORKS. This was the only thing that kept me sane. Good luck to you all! Continue to stay calm, pray and trust the pvt.


I took my test 1/25 in anaheim, and just found out right now on breeze…

shut off at 75 and good pop up

congrats to everyone that found out right now