Pearson Vue Trick 2019 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?




I took NCLEX-RN yesterday and got the good pop up. However, one of my peers read that Pearson fixed this glitch and no one will have the ability to register for another exam within a week. Does anyone know if there is any merit to that?


I took my test the other day and got the GOOD pop-up. I did the PVT a few hours after I finished my exam. I believe the results are already ready (unofficially) the second you finish the test, so a “GOOD POP-UP” PVT should be accurate right after taking the test and receiving the standard e-mail message.

I also don’t believe anything has been “fixed” regarding the PVT as one poster suggested, because if it was true then EVERYONE would get the “cannot register” popup, and as we can see some people are still not getting the good popup so I think the PVT still works.

As far as false bad pop ups, that could be due to people waiting too long to try the PVT, or not submitting the payment. Best in my opinion to try the PVT within a few hours of your test, don’t wait too long. I will update once I receive my official notice.

So far so good though. Also, the number of SATA questions does not mean anything in my opinion. What matters more is the complexity of the questions and the high level nature of the questions. I think I passed based on this principle because I was receiving a lot of high level questions such as VERY RARE diseases, high level priority and interpretation. I was very relaxed and took my time on each question, which I think is super important.


I just took my NCLEX 1/16/19. I got ALL 265 questions. I was sure I bombed. It was so hard… I felt lost. I got my NCLEX email that I had finished and then went and did the trick. I got the good pop up. My friend who had 265 got the good pop up as well. We both passed as of today 1/18/19. My other classmate who took it got 265 questions also, and got the bad pop up, she found out she failed today. So, I’d say the good pop up is a good indicator.


I still have not received my official results. Congrats to you though! :grinning:


Hi took the nclex on in California on 01/11/2019 and tried the Pearson vue trick two hrs later and received the good pop up and received my official letter that I passed on 01/22/2019 yay


Found out that I passed today. The trick absolutely works. I only used it one time, a few hours after my test, but it was a good pop up and it was right since I passed. Took a week to get license posted.


I took the NCLEX 1/23/19 and finished at 1030. I tried to do the trick 7-8 hours later and I got the “bad” sign. Today, I checked the registry and I passed! I know of 3 other people who have taken the test in the last week that got the bad sign and passed as well.

Don’t hold out hope all you people that don’t get the “good” pop up!


Hi everyone! I took my NCLEX recently at 1:30pm I finished at 5pm after taking all 265 questions. I walked out of the testing center completely destroyed…all my friends finished at 75 questions and passed. Surely, I thought I would finish around question 75 but after I got into the 200’s, I knew I would be in it for the long haul. I tried the PVT around 7pm that night, then 9pm, and the next afternoon at 12pm (just to be safe) I received the good pop-up each time and am hoping that it means I passed. I still feel sick to my stomach but am hoping for the best. Will update!


how often did you check for the good pop up? Im in a similar situation after finishing 265 questions and Im paranoid that my good pop up will turn into a bad one!


checked it again at 10pm and the same good pop up!


hey, I did the exam yesterday morning, 75 questions in almost 2 hours. I tried PVT, said results on hold, I kept trying PVT and got the same “result on hold”. I tried PVT few times this morning, remained the same pop-up " on hold". half hour ago, I tried PVT again in twice, pop-up changed to “our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam…”, SO this mean I passed ??? so nervous !!!


I took the exam today and had all 265 questions. Needless to say I’m panicking. I did the PVT trick and got the “good pop up” but how long do I have to wait after taking to test for the PVT to be as accurate as possible?


Me too! I got att 265 questions I’ve checked PVT like 5 times the first right after I got the “so you finished the nclex” email and I keep getting the “good pop up” but I feel like it’s too good to be true! Ugh the next 48 hours are gonna suck


I took my NCLEX-PN in CA on 1/17 and made it to about 115 questions. Odd number, I thought. I left feeling that I for sure had failed, I felt it in my gut. I went home and tried the trick 8 hours later and got the good pop up. I was in disbelief and tried another 3 times the following days, always getting the good pop up. At this point, I was sure I was the 1% that was a false positive. But today, 1/24 and a week later, I got my official letter saying I PASSED. Have hope, it works :slight_smile:


Has anyone taken the NCLEX in Sacramento???


Hey! My NCLEX results came in, but before I payed the quick results, I did the PVT trick again (because I’m neurotic probably) and I still got the good pop up. After taking the test, all 265 questions, I checked 2 hours after, then that night, then 24 hours later, and finally after Pearson told me my results came in. I got the good pop up each time and the “good” email. I PASSED and the PVT STILL WORKS! Hopefully it works for all of you! Best of luck


I passed after taking 265 questions and getting the good pop up each time! I’m thinking and hoping you passed as well!!!


Ugh there are 3 of us waiting!! We all did the PVT trick!!!


I got the bad pop up and so did 3 of my other classmates over a 2 week span and we all passed. It works sometimes lol


I’ve heard/read of a lot of people who passed but got the bad pop up. I’m not sure how many people who got the good pop up and failed though! Reading around I think that is more rare.