Pearson Vue Trick 2019 NCLEX - Does the PVT still work?

I hope you do! If I go by this then it means I failed. But I read that for a lot of people who did the PVT it didn’t work. Fingers crossed that I do pass! Good luck

Did you pass? I’m curious I got the same pop up. But I test today Saturday

I took mine friday and I got the same popup that you did. I’m hoping that it is wrong an that weekends make a difference!

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The only difference in mine was it didnt say why it was declined, it just just card declined contact your credit card company.

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Hi and CONGRATZ! What sign did you get? Cause I also got the bad sign “ my credit card was declined because of wrong info” I did it 2 times. I’m hoping it didn’t work on me. Took my test yesterday Saturday at 8am did 109 questions in 3.5 hrs, I took my time! :grimacing: waiting for Tuesday to check my quick results. Is there another way I can find out before since it was a weekend? Thanks for giving me hope

I got that too! 2 different declines because I used 2 different cards.

Just got my unofficial results and unfortunately, I failed! :weary::weary:

Nooooooo!!! :scream::scream::sob::sob::sob: Im sorry to hear that. How many questions did you get? Don’t give up! Do it again in 45 days… you got this! I’m scared now. I have to wait until I guess Tuesday cause I don’t I count hours since yesterday. Don’t give up! I guess the PVT worked for you.

I’ve already been looking into other studying materials lol. It sucks…I have bad anxiety and dont test well at all. But now I know what I’m going into. So hopefully that helps for next time.

Don’t over think this. Just prepare yourself more. How many questions did you get?

160 last I had looked! I was exhausted and my brain was fried lol

Goodluck to you! Hope you pass!!

I just got my results and I failed!!! I guess the PVT did work on me! I’ll be paying the $200 and be testing again in 45 days

I’m right with ya!! We will get it next time!

Hey Dave I saw you said that you took nclex in VA. I just took my nclex pn on oct 21st how may days did it take for the results to show up on the license look-up. I did the PVT and I got the good pop-up.

I did it on Friday, it took until Monday or Tuesday.

My test cut off yesterday at 76 questions. I felt unsure, but I tried to be positive. I couldn’t wait For the quick results and tried the PVT almost 24 hours later. It first declined my card when I tried to put in the wrong expiration, so then I tried to re-register with a real credit card, and it let me! I paid the 200… and sat there devastated! Is there anyone that did this and still passed or am I doomed here?

Yep… I failed. Oh well. 45 days til redemption!

Hi I am just wondering what does it mean if result is unavailable I took my Nclex on Saturday. The PVT trick I tried it and it went through does it mean I failed? I’ve read a lot of forum that some says the payment may go through if you do the PVT trick too early. It’s been almost 1 week, I wanted to know if does it really mean I failed. All I want is to see the result

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yes yes yes the trick
still works i took my test saturday at 8am for the first time i waiting a few months after i graduated but have been studying consistently. the test cut off at the minimum at 10:10 am and while i was in line at starbucks got an email saying i just took the nclex and about FAQs. when i got home i napped and woke to try to the trick it worked. i got the message another registration couldn’t be processed or whatever. tried it the next day just to be sure still there good pop up then today at 9:35 my unofficial results were available and i passed. I used U world, Virtual ATI and Hursi

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