Pearson Vue Trick 2019 - Does the PVT still work?


Still no update on my end🙄

I know someone else who also took the exam the 16th and has not received any news either.


Hello guys, pls update if anyone who took their test on the 16th and have heard anything about their results from BRN California, still no update at this time, checked their processing time on the website was last updated 10/22 and still the date that they were working on were the 10/1-10-15,


Hello everyone, I took my NCLEX-rn on 10-17-18. I Also got the good pop-up but haven’t had any news besides the email indicating I have finished my NCLEX. My license has not appeared on my breeze account. I also took the exam in California.


According to the website they are still processing the exams taken oct 1-15


Hello guys just got my result and i passed. Thank God… Just keep hoping and praying


I saw it on breeze at 1am


Hello! I just found it too that i passed. My name was posted already on breeze.


Congratulations… So i must say that PVT is still working and true!


Guys I just got my license too! They just updated my breeze.


Hey everybody I just wanna update everybody, that I passed! Mine was posted


Mine too, I passed :pray:PVT still accurate and does work !!


Just to share as well… I took the exam on Monday, October 22nd 2018, at 8am. I walked out of the testing place devastated, thinking that I failed. It was so hard! The test stopped me at 90 questions. I cried like a baby. Learned about the PVT and tried, got the “good pop-up”. That kept my hopes up. Checked my quick results on Wednesday, October 24th 2018 at 9am, and… PASSED the exam!!! So the trick not only gave me hopes but, it actually worked!!! I’m so happy! Can’t stop crying!


I passed pvt works and breeze is catching up


Hey all!

Took NCLEX-PN yesterday 10-23-18 it shut off @152… I felt okay leaving, but as the day passed my emotions where EVERYWHERE! I promised myself I would not do the PVT, but I was just so anxious. So I went and tried it, I got the “good pop up” now just waiting until tomorrow to check my unofficial results. Reading all these posts truly gave me some hope today because waiting is so emotionally draining.


Anybody took Nclex on the Oct 19th in Cali? Did you have your result already? :pray:t2:


Hey guys I took my NCLEX for the first time 9/1 with 85 questions, got the instant “you have questions after NCLEX” email instantly and then my performance report following. (At the time I didn’t know if you get a performance report means you failed) but I just knew I wa freaking out the entire time couldn’t seem to get it together. I retook it again for the second time yesterday 10/24 With a better mind set. I finished with 75 this time, I walked out feeling ok but I started doubting myself as time went on. I felt like I didn’t get very many SATAs maybe 10-15. Oh I forgot to mention, the first time I took it I did the PVT and it told me my card was declined incorrect info or something around those lines … this time I did the PVT 2 hours later and it said the “good” pop up our records indicate… so I really hope I’m ok. I studied and prepared so much this time! I have been doing the trick and still keep getting the same good pop up but nothing has posted to board of nursing… I will update you guys as this forum is so helpful and gives hope during these 2 days of torture


Just want to update you guys, PVT WORKS! I honestly still wasn’t sure I actually passed but just got my unofficial results today I PASSED! Hang in there! YOU GUYS GOT THIS!


Hey all, just an updated, I looked on the board of nursing this morning and my license was posted before I ever received anything from PV! I just received email from DORA as well and got my license in email! PVT trick def works I would say! I used Kaplan Q banks !! I did 1000 questions set to 75 at a time and they offer a CAT version that you can test that mimics the NCLEX. That really helped! I got a 55% on that but I was always between 50-60% on all the other qbanks. I also purchased NCSBN RN 3 week study course and that also helped me I feel. Good luck everyone!! Don’t give up!!!


Congratulations! Just wondering where did you verified that you passed? I took the exam yesterday (24th), had a good pop up, still no result in breeze and name isnt showing in the BON site. How long did you wait to verify yours? Im really anxious!!! Pls help. Thank you!


what did u use to study the first time and how did u study the 2nd time and whats ur recommendations for those who didnt pass …

Pearson Vue Trick 2019 - Does the PVT still work?