Pearson Vue Trick 2019 - Does the PVT still work?


The pvt trick does work . I passed !!!


i know and now am waiting to know if i passed or failed
did ur friend end up passing ?
and in ca they dont participate in the quick results
does anyone know how fast i should know
and if fail does that mean i have to wait for 6 weeks to find out


My friend’s friend end up passing. I really don’t know how long you will wait in CA but here in TN, I saw my result on my LARS account about 24 hours and it was posted on our BON for about 48 hours. Maybe you can try to log back in on your LARS account and see if you got your result there.


Hi there. Congratulations for passing the nclex! I took the nclex rn yesterday October 12 (Friday) at 12 noon. Then I tried using the trick at 10pm. I got the bad pop twice. I just wanna ask which day you took the exam maybe we got the same situation. Thanks


Hello. Did you pass the nclex rn even you got the bad pop up? Because we got the same situation I got tha bad pop up twice lasy night. I am kinda freakin out right now. I just took it yesterday. Now it’s Saturday and still quick results is not availble. Thank you.


Took my NCLEX yesterday, still NO RESULTS out. How long it’s gonna take? thanks
PS. I don’t want to try the trick…


Hi. I took the exam yesterday as well at 12 noon. But until now I couldn’t pay for the quick results. I hope you dont mind me asking did you pay for the quick results? Thanks


No, I didn’t pay. I guess it’s too early even for that? just try to get in Pearson Vue website now, couldn’t open it…


Yeah it’s under routine maintenance right now from 5pm today until 2am tomorrow CDT. I tried the trick last night and I got the bad pop up even this morning still it was a bad pop up.


A friend of mine said that she was able to see the results paying on sunday, is that possible? She did it a few years ago. I wonder if I could do this tomorrow…


Lets try it tomorrow. Hope we could pay the 8 dollars and get the results soon!


I took my exam today and got the email 20mins after that states we see you have took your NCLEX we understand you may have further questions… I tried the trick to register about an hour after and the first two times it said my card was invalid. Then I refreshed it to try again and it took my payment since my card was saved onto the site. I was charged the 200 so now I’m nervous because I recieved the “good email.” Does anyone know if they send you the report if you failed after the exam or in the 48 hours?


Hi I also gave mine yesterday I did the trick and it charged me $200 so I am on the same boat.


Let’s just hope it’s because of the site being under maintenance. Also I read you are suppose to wait 12-24 hours depeninding because the site doesn’t process your exam right away that you took it. So it’s a gamble.


I took my NCLEX on 10/12 at 8am. I got to 75 questions and then it asked me to do the case study questions. I was devastated because I was not confident at all that I had passed. The majority of my questions were select all that apply and a good mixture of all topics. I was almost in tears because I was sure I had failed. I received the email from Pearson Vue shortly after the exam about how I may have questions after the NCLEX. I got home and tried the PVT. I had received the good message, but I was still incredibly anxious. Today, on a SUNDAY, I received the amazing news from quick results that I passed! The PVT worked for me even though I was so sure that I would be the one person who would get the good message and then fail. Stay positive everyone!


I took my NCLEX-RN on Wednesday, October 10. Got my license number on Thursday, October 11. I will say again that the PVT did not work for me. It doesn’t matter whether you passed or not, you will still get an email from Pearson asking you if you have any questions. I would definitely recommend checking your state BON. Knowing that I passed, I did not have to pay for the quick results on Pearson! I hope it helps!


Thank you that’s good to hear! Because the pvt thing really had me freaking out!


The PVT is not the email. The PVT is signing in and attempting to pay.


hi. just want to ask if they’re releasing the exam report on sunday? still can’t access quick report. it shows “exam report not available at this time”. I took nclex last saturday, oct 13 and finished around 12:15pm. I also tried PVT trick, I got the good pop up. Hoping that I passed the exam.


For clarification, I know that PVT is trying to see if you can register again on Pearson Vue. I was trying to say after you have TAKEN the exam, you will receive an email from Pearson asking if you have any questions about the test. Passed or failed, everyone will get that email.