Pearson Vue Trick 2019 - Does the PVT still work?


I’m so nervous. I took the nclex yesterday morning. It cut off at 75 questions about an hour into the test. I’ve done the pvt like four times and every time I’ve got the good pop up. I just feel like I didn’t do well on the test. Suggestions on what to do to keep my mind busy until Monday.


I used the wrong expiration date but it still charged me so does that mean I failed? I did it 10mins after testing


Hello everyone! I took my NCLEX @ 12pm Friday (01/11) & it stopped at 75. I’ve done the PVT a few times & it still won’t allow me to reschedule. So that’s a good sign. I will keep you all updated!! I’m trying to buy quick results but the option isn’t up yet. Good luck to everyone!!


I took my exam 1/12/19, received email right after the exam. did pvt after 12hours but got the bad pop-up. So it means i fail.


I have also taken the test on the 1/12/19
And I’m terrified
I don’t even want to try the PVT today even after the 24 hr mark because I did it yesterday and got the bad pop up I stopped at 145 I don’t know what to even think


I passsed! PVT works


Well, pray hard dear. And do something you enjoyed doing just to keep yourself busy and less your stress. God is good. Pray hard. Good luck. :wink:


Sadly I did not pass nclexRN I’m devastated
I’m assuming the PVT trick does work even if it was before the 24 hr mark


Im 19 took my PN nclex for 2nd time at 1/11/2019 I did the whole 205 questions and pass pvt works


After having my results on hold for 48 grueling hours, I saw that they were available and tried the PVT. I got the good pop up and then shortly after paid for my quick results. I PASSED! :slight_smile:


I took my NCLEX this morning at 8 and it turned off at 85 questions. When I left the test, I tried the PVT and got an alert saying “The candidate currently has an open registration for this exam. A New registration cannot be created at this time.” Once I got home, I received the conformation email that I had completed the exam. I tried the PVT again and got the pop up saying “Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time.” Has anyone gotten this message and still not passed? These next 48 hours are going to kill me!


Just an update, I got my results this morning!!! I PASSED!!! PVT worked for me!!


Hi everyone,I just took my nclex RN today, my computer shutdown at 160, I also got the “good pop up “. I’m very nervous and anxious,I don’t think I did that great but I did puted in enough study time. I will like to thank u all for such great comments,it is helping to decrease my anxiety!