Pearson Vue Trick 2019 - Does the PVT still work?


Has anyone ever passed with 75 questions and have the bad pop up? I took my nclex at 8a.m. I’m freaking out!! Second time taking it. Got a good email but it took my re registration payment :flushed:some please respond!!


I’ve heard of people who failed the NCLEX at 75 questions. But you have to do very poorly in order to have that happen, so it’s a rare occurrence. The majority of people who get cut off at 75 questions pass.


Thanks to this topic posted. Got the needed information on the replies. Thanks.


Took my PN exam at 2Pm today used up whole 4 hours stopped at 210 questions :sob: got home tried PVT 2times got good pop up :smile: hope to see my on boards soon!!! FYI guys you have to submit payment in order to see good pop up use wrong expiration date and hit submit !!! Hit submit!! :slight_smile:


For california nurses. i took my nclexrn on monday(11/26/2018) and i still don’t have my application open or pending in my account. does it mean that they didn’t review it yet? i am still having bad pop out on pvt. Is there still hope that i can pass my nclex?


Good day guys, i took nclex yesterday. O God the suspense is killing me. I tried the PVT method and some pop up message appears but i didnt read carefully if it include the “Our records indicate that you recently schedule…”.
My account was locked i cant log in to check it again but im sure there is pop up with red colored text after i entered CC payment.
What do u think guys? Are all pop up with red text with submit are good pop ups?


HI CONGARTULATIONS!!! i failed the first time and now trying to give it again, would you please share how did you study and what did you study for the second time. i am getting very nervous. thank you. my email [email protected]


Hi there, what state are you in. I’m waiting for my results from my Saturday exam.


Took the NCLEX today! Ran out of time at about 175 questions. Tried the PVT method and got this message “The candidate currently has test results that are on hold. A new registration cannot be created at this time.” and currently freaking out! Does this mean I failed???


No, but it sounds like your test will be scored using the “Run-out-of-time (R.O.O.T.) Rule”, meaning the last 60 questions will determine whether you pass or not. You must have every one of the last 60 questions above the passing threshold for this situation. See the following article for more information and a video on the ROOT rule:


Took the PN NCLEX in California today. Finished around 330PM. Got the good pop-up since and no CPR performance report email; just the one that says “You took the NCLEX anymore questions”. I, too have felt that I have most certainly failed the test since the questions were so vague. Will wait and see.


Hi all! Just took my nclex, got 75 questions, pretty sure I failed because I didn’t know a single question. I tried the PVT and got the good message but that was immediately after the exam. My question is how quickly did people received the bad email, the CPR, and does it really take 48 to get the quick results or do they come sooner? Thanks


Hi everyone.
I am new to this site. Sorry if I didn’t fill the categories correctly. So I have took my nclex PN yesterday at 1pm. Had to do all 205 questions. I am freaking out. So I Have been doing the pvt trick since last. It gives me the good message saying that another registeration is cant made at this time. But I am still so nervous abt what my actual would be. So is the trick pretty reliable? Please give me some answers. Thank you. I appreciate it. My quick result will be out tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:


Hi, i have the same case, do you have your result already? i am freaking out!!!


Hi, I’m new here, i took my NCLEX RN yesterday and it was horrible, i run out of time and i was on item 218(im not sure), i tried PVT trick, they ask me to sign in… i made a new email and password (first time signing in to pearson vue, my agency did every step of my nclex) and i reach the payment but denied my cc because of the wrong expiry date… does it mean i failed?


I have the same problem my pearsonvue account also blocked. Did passed


I tried Pvt yesterday I submitted the card payment. I did not get a good or bad pop-up. I tried submit the payment again still no pop-up. Now my account is restricted I cannot login to my pearsonvue profile. I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions


Hey Abby. I took the Nclex 2 days ago, on 12/28/2018. I tried pvt trick and it took me to step 3 to submit my order. At that point I was pretty sure I failed. Guess what! I just found out that I passed. So, it seems pvt didn’t work for me.

mine shut off at 75 questions, and I was sure I failed. I had 15- 20 STAT questions, delegation and priority.


Domi. I took the Nclex 2 days ago and when I tried pvt trick, it took me to the last step to submit my order. I was positive I failed at that point. I just got my result back. I passed! So pvt didn’t work for me.


me too sara, i was devastated when i reach the cc payment and rejected (because of the wrong expiry), thinking it’s a “bad pop-up” i got the result now. I passed! everyone out there that had a “bad pop-up” don’t lose hope… just pray harder.