Pearson Vue Trick 2019 - Does the PVT still work?


Took my nclex exam on the 10th, stopped at 85. Got the good pop up from the pvt but im still waiting on my results. Its been 2 weeks. Has anyone waited this long?


Thank you! I kept logging into breeze. My status went from pending to registered nurse. Then I went to BRN and checked under verify license tab, and there it was!!! My name and license number! It can happen at anytime honestly. Mine took about 36 hours ish. I got my results at 1 AM! Don’t be anxious! You got the good pop up!!! Before you know it, you’ll have an RN next to your name!!!


Hi everyone! Just learned today that i passed!!! Thank you Lord! Took the exam last 10/24. Did the trick that same day. Got a good pop up. And now, just checked the CA RN site and learned that i passed! PVT trick works!!! Also would recommend HURST review, MARK KLIMEK and tons of UWORLD practice tests. They did wonders for me! :heart:


Ok guys let me share my story.
Took NCLEX RN 10/13/2018 stopped at 75th. I felt very confident after walking out ( my first try) thought all stories about NCLEX I’ve heard were bs and the test is really easy. After receiving email ( Now that you’ve completed the NCLEX Examination, we understand you may still have questions …) did pvt and got a bad pop up. My heart broke into 500 pieces. I felt defeated like never before. Tried to check it couple more times still same thing- card declined. 48h later there it was - big fat FAIL.

Today I had my exam again 46 days after, again 75 questions cut off. I wanted to scream . I felt so defeated, I started crying I couldn’t control myself but I promised I’m not doing PVT ever again because it broke my heart last time :joy::joy: obviously the first thing I did after coming home is PVT trick (email arrived on my way home) and got a GOOD POP up!!! Tried it once again 10h later still same thing.

So this is my experience still very raw emotion. I don’t know the results so I can’t be that one person that gonna say “believe, pray and congratulations RN/PN”. No. Nclex suck off my life away and fingers crossed PVT is working because I like what I’m seeing this time. I will keep you posted!!!


My personal experience taking the NCLEX was a bit different as far as amount of questions. It was a horrible 3 days of torture! I took the exam Oct 29, 2018 at 12:15 pm I just knew I bombed the exam as when I hit 75 it kept going and going and when I hit a 100 still going so I braced myself to accept I may be taking all 265 questions. The exam finally shut off somewhere around 190 and then I was lead to answer a few (10-15 lost track as My brain was on overload already) experimental questions in all I was there 4 1/2 hrs. Before I had even got to my car I received the good email saying I completed the NCLEX and if I had any questions and so forth. I finally got up enough nerve to do the PVT the next day about 10:30 am after crying all night and that morning and not sleeping well. I got the good pop up saying I already scheduled my exam and another couldn’t be made at this time which relieved my stress and allowed me to quit crying. On October 31st I decided to check the Oklahoma Board of Nursing site as Pearson Vue still had no update and at 8:15am my name appeared as a licensed RN!!! Also question wise I received a lot of who do you see first, priority questions, a few SATA, a few place in order in which you would perform, a couple delegation, one dosage calc, but in all I mainly received priority questions. Hope this helps as most either get 75 or all 265 and I got neither but still passed. Good luck everyone!!


Just a little correction here for all people that are reading this.
There is no “GOOD” email that you get after finishing your exam.
Email is just acknowledgment that you finished your exam and that your answer are submit to Person Vue center (because every test is graded twice, once while you doing it and then by person who again reviews your answer”.
So getting email is NOT a good or bad sign.
I failed with 75 questions last time I took it and I received email.


Hello all I took my NCLEX last month and I failed :pensive:… I am waiting for my att again till then I want to study and do questions. I gave my exam after 3 years for first time so it’s a little tuff with kids. If anyone has good study notes that I can get, I would really appreciate it.
I really want to pass NCLEX and start working.
My email is [email protected]
Thank you.


10/25/18- Took the test. Still works. Went to my car after the test to check. I got all 265 questions and the test took me nearly 5 hours. Logged in with my phone and tried to sign up. Got the “good” message. Tried it again at home on the desktop, and still the “good” message. It wouldn’t let me sign up, it said “our records indicate…” About a week later, my license came in the mail. Another person I go to school with told me about it and it worked for her too. I’m in Florida, and the results were in the state website in 24hrs.


Try the Saunders RN NCLEX review book. I read the whole thing back to back and passed. A lot of questions are similar on the test.


This is the image that I’m seeing, I took the NCLEX this morning. Are these good or bad?
Someone tell me please! Going crazy over here


Also this one


The following sentence is a positive sign:

A new registration cannot be created at this time


Ok I can’t handle this anymore!! Took Nclex for the 2nd time 24 hours ago. Did PVT yesterday and today- good pop up. When I failed the first time I was able to pay.
My question is according to this forum false positives do not happen. I’ve read blogs like allnurses where people have said false positives have indeed happened. Are they just not credible sources? I would love to know for certain.


As you mentioned, nobody here has had a false positive, and your situation sounds promising. Please report back and let us know what happens, and here’s wishing you good luck!


Thanks so much for the reply!! I am on edge and can’t handle this!!


Did you end up passing with PVT?


Sure did!!!
It worked first time- I failed and payment went through and this time- good pop up and passed! Just waiting for license :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I am not a nurse but this morning my wife officially got the email to congratulate her. She took the test yesterday and she did indeed get the good popup. It works and it’s true. I have read all your post of how nervous you all are and seen the what I would call nothing less than torture that my wife went through. Just stay positive and you will get what you want! I just wanted to confirm again to everyone that the good popup works.


Anyone here test Nov 16 for California Board? I am getting good pop ups? I believe in PVT. But still anxious since breeze and BON license verification still not up.


hello, am new here. I just took my test yesterday. This is my 3rd time already. And i tried the pvt trick when i get home and it didn’t let me pay. Ot says my card is decline and should contact my card company. I used an expried card lol. Is that counted as a bad pop out? Well anyway, i tried to log in again last night and it says i am restricted and need to call them to unlock it. By the way i took my exam in California which it takes forever to release their results. I’ve been signing in to my breeze account too and it’s still no license. I’m still hoping for my License this year. Let’s all hope for a positive outcome.