Pearson Vue Trick 2019 - Does the PVT still work?


Sounds like a positive result :+1:


I did my NCLEX RN on 12/15/2018, I still wailing my results, after my test I checked on PVT it’s on hold results for palm scan missing,I did my palm scan at center on 12/27/2018 , next day I checked again on PVT ,they took me on payment page I submit it’s received my payment,I want to know it’s means I failed? I still not receive my CPR ,on the test I went 237question and run out of time ,I did not get any delegations question,one ECG and two math questions and fact based disease symptoms questions,I am confident I did right, any one know if they charge me can I still pass or not ? Please answer me . Thank you


I did the pvt trick but i forgot to change my card details and it went tru and charge me 200usd too
After 2 days i found out i fail. They say if they charge you . You probably failed the exam


How long did you get your CPR


You can tecniqually still pass if they charge you, but it is rare. Take this questionnaire to interpret your PVT results:


According to the NCSBN, the CPR email can take up to 6 weeks to receive, so it’s probably not the best PVT tool to rely on. That being said it’s possible it could come quickly, but they didn’t act like that would be typical.


everyone goes to step 3. the pvt trick corresponds to the response you get after you enter your credit card information. if you did not enter any credit card information, you did not complete the pvt trick.


I just tested 1/11/19 I stopped at 160 something I got no math questions but over 15 SATA, ordering procedures picture questions. I came out feeling like poop. 10mins after testing I did the trick I didn’t put the right expiration date but it went through! It posted to my account but it’s pensing. I’ve been reading different things what do you think. Did I do it too soon?


Give it another try after 1 hour has gone by since you submitted the test.


I’m too nervous now cause it’s alreasy charging 200 but the expiration was wrong. Idk if my chances are slim or not I might just wait


If what you said is true, that is reassuring for me as I DID receive the email about 30 mins after I submitted saying “now that you’ve completed the NCLEX, we understand you may still have questions.” I took the test on 1/12/2019 at 8 AM on a Saturday and got all 265 questions. I still haven’t done the PVT trick yet because I heard it’s accurate after 24 hours from the day you took the test but I’m still a little anxious about knowing.


yeah, I entered my card information and didn’t get the “good- pop up”.


I’m so nervous. I took the nclex yesterday morning. It cut off at 75 questions about an hour into the test. I’ve done the pvt like four times and every time I’ve got the good pop up. I just feel like I didn’t do well on the test. Suggestions on what to do to keep my mind busy until Monday.


I used the wrong expiration date but it still charged me so does that mean I failed? I did it 10mins after testing


Hello everyone! I took my NCLEX @ 12pm Friday (01/11) & it stopped at 75. I’ve done the PVT a few times & it still won’t allow me to reschedule. So that’s a good sign. I will keep you all updated!! I’m trying to buy quick results but the option isn’t up yet. Good luck to everyone!!


I took my exam 1/12/19, received email right after the exam. did pvt after 12hours but got the bad pop-up. So it means i fail.


I have also taken the test on the 1/12/19
And I’m terrified
I don’t even want to try the PVT today even after the 24 hr mark because I did it yesterday and got the bad pop up I stopped at 145 I don’t know what to even think


I passsed! PVT works


Well, pray hard dear. And do something you enjoyed doing just to keep yourself busy and less your stress. God is good. Pray hard. Good luck. :wink:


Sadly I did not pass nclexRN I’m devastated
I’m assuming the PVT trick does work even if it was before the 24 hr mark