Pearson Vue Trick 2018 - Does the PVT still work?


Has anyone ever passed with 75 questions and have the bad pop up? I took my nclex at 8a.m. I’m freaking out!! Second time taking it. Got a good email but it took my re registration payment :flushed:some please respond!!


I’ve heard of people who failed the NCLEX at 75 questions. But you have to do very poorly in order to have that happen, so it’s a rare occurrence. The majority of people who get cut off at 75 questions pass.


Thanks to this topic posted. Got the needed information on the replies. Thanks.


Took my PN exam at 2Pm today used up whole 4 hours stopped at 210 questions :sob: got home tried PVT 2times got good pop up :smile: hope to see my on boards soon!!! FYI guys you have to submit payment in order to see good pop up use wrong expiration date and hit submit !!! Hit submit!! :slight_smile:


For california nurses. i took my nclexrn on monday(11/26/2018) and i still don’t have my application open or pending in my account. does it mean that they didn’t review it yet? i am still having bad pop out on pvt. Is there still hope that i can pass my nclex?


Good day guys, i took nclex yesterday. O God the suspense is killing me. I tried the PVT method and some pop up message appears but i didnt read carefully if it include the “Our records indicate that you recently schedule…”.
My account was locked i cant log in to check it again but im sure there is pop up with red colored text after i entered CC payment.
What do u think guys? Are all pop up with red text with submit are good pop ups?


HI CONGARTULATIONS!!! i failed the first time and now trying to give it again, would you please share how did you study and what did you study for the second time. i am getting very nervous. thank you. my email [email protected]