Nursing salaries


Salary is one of the top priorities when considering any job, and nursing is no exception.

What’s your salary :money_with_wings:?

Tell us what kind of nursing you do, and what your salary is, and how many years of experience you have.

I’ll start:

  • Psychiatric nursing. $21.50/hr base, FT. New Grad
  • Medsurg nursing. $21.50/hr base, FT. 6 months experience.
  • Telemetry nursing. $26.50/hr base, FT. 2 years experience.
  • Stepdown nursing. $34/hr base, PRN. 5 years experience (no impact on salary).


Here are 3 different salaries for new grads in central VA.

  • $22.50/hr, +$1 for ICU
  • $20/hr
  • $20.50/hr