So I took my exam yesterday NCLEX RN , and I ran out of time at 200 questions !!! I had at least 7-8 place in order questions , and throughout my test I would have 5-6 multiple choice then 4-5 SATA questions !! I take this as I was doing bad ??? My content NEVER changed neither! I was hit heavy with maternal PEDS and endocrine and cardiac!!! And mental health and of course prioritization questions !!! I did the Pearson trick and it declined my card ! But my question is , do I take the bad sign since I ran out of time ? I saw on a video it said there is still hope even if the PVU trick didn’t work for you ONLY IF you RAN OUT OF TIME or had the entire 265! I am in GEORGIA! My friend failed at 75 and got her CPR results that NEXT morning she also said she DID NOT receive the email everybody receives after NCLEX ?? Tomorrow I will know for sure I’m just trying to keep hope !!! But I don’t feel good at all!

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