Nclex Result on Hold over 48hr 😰


took it on Tuesday 2pm ended at 5:30pm. My computer had alittle problem. But it was fixed. Tried the Pvt trick after 24hr and i got the Hold message. I called my BON they said am Good on their End and they do not know why am still on hold for so long and i called pearsonvue and asked them y i was still on hold and whats the problem. They said the hold has no impact on my result and i did nothing wrong on my part. So its 4days now and no result up yet. Anyone ever been in this situation i am :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:.

I finished My Exam @ 100 qst

If you get this message that your results are on hold, then the PVT will not work for you… yet. There are many possibilities for why your results may be on hold, and it does not mean that you have passed or failed, but simply that the results are not finalized for whatever reason. In this holding period, you cannot get an accurate PVT result (good or bad) and unfortunately, you just have to wait out the hold.

The hold could be from anything and is probably unrelated to your NCLEX results. It sucks that you’re in this boat, but hopefully it will end soon.

Still no Result/Pvt day 5 Sat. Would just wait till a new week starts.
Thank you Admin i hope for the best. I saw somewhere on a blog that the probability of passing with a hold was 60/40 if one answers less than 200qst. Not sure how true that is. But i pray i pass fingers crossed 🤦

I don’t see how they came up with that probability. The hold should have nothing to do with your results, other than leading to a delay. Also, the number of questions you had on your NCLEX is not related to passing or failing.