NCLEX Quick Results from NCSBN/Pearson Vue Aren't Worth It!



The NCSBN/Pearson Vue have something called quick results for people who have recently taken the NCLEX.

According to the NCSBN, the NCLEX is scored once at the testing location after you submit it and then scored for a second time within 2 business days, after which the quick results will be available in most states (not available in California for example).

For most people, we think paying for quick results is a scam for these companies to prey on your anxiety for more money. Here are the two biggest situations where we don’t think you should pay for it:

  1. If you get a candidate performance report (CPR) emailed to you after you take the NCLEX, then don’t pay for quick results because you have failed the NCLEX.
  2. If you try the PVT, get a good popup, are unable to pay for another test, and do not get a CPR emailed, then don’t pay for the quick results because we’re 99% sure you passed the NCLEX.
  3. Most people are reporting official NCLEX results in and around the same time frame as the quick results are available.

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Hi, so when do people get the candidate performance review reports? In the 2 business days or right after the NCLEX? Please do let me know! Thanks :slight_smile:


Apparently it varies by state

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