Nclex PN! Uworld!



Well today was a really stressful morning as everyone knows I went to take my exam today and let me telllll you it was crazy! I felt like everything I studied was not even there lmao! Like it was easier but still tricky and had to use your critical thinking skills. My classmates stopped at 75-91 I thought it would be the same for me butttt nope lmao. When I was at 100 I started feeling anxiety, stomach ache, feeling hot hahaha and honestly I was like wtf am I even doing but I was realllly trying hard and then it stopped me at 150 I was soooo nervous and cldnt stop calculating and saying what if this and that… I waited two hours and then bam it said our records indicate I’m like is this a dream… I started crying hopefully passing lmao but everyone from my class has passed with that message popping up so fingers crossed ! Uworld is soooooo good man honestly I only used that literally I bought a book but yeaaa didn’t even open it lol I felt uworld was enough and didn’t want to use a lot of confusing info! And honestly if your consistent even if you have your days off if you understand the rationals man you got this!!! Just wanted to post my expirence because whewwww chileee th struggle of nursing school and still studying to meet your goal which is being a nurse!! Good luck to anyone studying or getting to close to take the exam! You got this !! And stay positive