NCLEX PN 74 Questions

Just wanted to share my experience: I’m 21 (I graduated LPN school when I was 19 and took the NCLEX once before but I failed :frowning: I was discouraged) but I finally decided to take the NCLEX PN on July 24th (I had no math questions and a decent amount of SATA) The computer shut off at 74 questions and I cried in the car because I knew I got the last question wrong and I felt like I was guessing on a lot of questions. I went home and tried the PVT anyway and I got the good pop up and I couldn’t believe it, I kept trying it and trying it to see if it would still pop up. 48 gruesome hours later I got my Quick Results and I really did pass! I used UWorld and Mark Klimek audios (I feel like the questions on the NCLEX are less complicated/wordy than Uworld but I think thats a good thing) So im here to let you all know that you can do it if I can do it! and the PVT is still working and accurate in 2020

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