Nclex pm


Hello everyone! So I’m taking my NCLEX tomorrow at 4 and I’ve ALWAYS had trouble with test anxiety. My track record is I fail a test but then I knock it out of the park my second go round. I’ve been studying with UWorld that my school paid for us. I’m FREAKING OUT. Any advice?


UWorld is a great test prep tool. I wouldn’t bother taking any more practice questions at this point, you’ll just make yourself more anxious this close to your test. I would suggest you try your best to relax before 4pm.

Check out this free book for some good test taking tips and focus on the end bits regarding what to do right before you take your NCLEX, they might help… Things like, eat food, map out the location, etc.


You know this stuff. I was in the same boat as you, super test anxious. So I had an instructor who helped me. When you go into the test center you get a white dry erase sheet, I took mine and every question that came up I IMMEDIATELY cover the answer choices, then I read the question and I answered it on my own, when I took the paper down, if my answer was one of the choices I picked it and moved on. I had trouble overthinking all the choices I was given. I would get so caught up in the what if it was this? Or that? That instructor helped me with all of my in class tests and then my NCLEx. I passed first time around and that was 14 years ago. Good luck and believe in yourself!


Don’t change your answers or second guess yourself. Take a deep breath and pause every so often. I got the 225 or 235 question test and it took me 5 hours. Im a horrible test taker and have huge test anxiety. I passed the first time.