Looking for a CPR email update


I recently took my test and believe I failed as it sounds like everyone does, but I am 99.9% sure I didn’t because I had easy first questions that I know I got wrong for the stupid reasons of second guessing myself. A common problem for anxiety testers like myself. The test shut off at 85 and at that moment I knew I failed because I never really received questions that would evaluate more critical thinking questions. So basically I blew the easy stuff which denied me a chance to redeem myself. Anyway, I am expecting the email regarding why I failed and that says “Better luck next time”. My anxiety is killing me at this point and I see others have asked when they might receive that email, and I haven’t seen anyone follow up with how long it took after they sat for the exam.
If anyone received the email, please let me know how long it took. And in return, when I receive mine, I will post how long so that there is some data collection on this topic. Thank you.


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