Is UWorld Harder Than the NCLEX RN 2019?


If you’re starting to take practice questions in preparation for the NCLEX, you may have heard of UWorld as a great test bank resource.

A question that you might be wondering is if the questions in UWorld’s test bank are easier than, equal to, or harder than the ones you’ll find on the NCLEX.

UWorld wants to challenge you

Keep in mind that a good test preparation program will challenge you to exceed the expectations.

The reason for this is because the test prep company wants you to pass your exam in order to gain your favor and be recommended by you in the future. No test prep company wants to give you false hope and have you fail your test, because you will might:

  • Never by another product from them ever again
  • Trash them on public review sites
  • Tell everyone you know that their program sucks
  • Attempt to get your money back
  • Etc. etc. etc.

To be confident that you will be prepared for your exam, testing companies like UWorld are going to challenge you with hard questions on purpose so that you will be more than prepared.

Harder scoring

Another reason you might find that UWorld practice tests are harder than the actual NCLEX is the way that they are scored.

With UWorld, you will get a percentage of how many questions you answered correctly, and you will see how many questions you got wrong.

Some people might find this disheartening because they could get a “bad grade” like a 70% and think that they need to score a 90% or better to be adequately prepared for the NCLEX.

However, you will need to keep in mind that the NCLEX is not scored like a typical test and does not go based off of a percentage. Check out this article to find out about how the NCLEX works including test setup, grading, scoring, etc.


UWorld Review 2019 NCLEX RN – How Does UWorld NCLEX RN Compare to the Actual NCLEX?

Hello!!! My name is Lili and I recently graduated from an Accredited Nursing Program with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I used UWorld to study for my NCLEX-RN and it comes with my highest recommendation. Every nurse I’ve talked to passed the NCLEX their first time by using UWorld. The way UWorld is organized and programmed it super easy, clean, and user-friendly. The rationales for all the questions are amazing and I’ve learned so much!

The main reason I’m commenting is to discuss the difficulty of the UWorld questions vs the NCLEX-RN exam: the questions on UWorld are definitely more challenging! UWorld recommends that you score at least 60% on all tests/practice questions to prepare yourself for the NCLEX. My first time through I averaged 64.75%.

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I recently graduated and took the NCLEX.

I purchased Kaplan and one of my classmates who took their test prior to me and passed allowed me to use their uworld. So, I have experience with both reviews. I found that U world gave the best explanations and the questions were more challenging than the nclex but not as challenging Kaplan.

I strongly suggest doing u world and trying to complete your entire test bank. Read all the explanations as they provide a lot of insight.

I passed with 75q in about 75min.