Is There A Nursing Shortage?


Remember hearing the following saying?

“There is a shortage of nurses in the workforce, and it will only continue as the baby boomers get older because they will require more healthcare resources”

I do! But when nurses graduate they will find that it can be surprisingly difficult to actually find a job. While some nurses can immediately get snapped up to a generic floor nurse position, others go for months without a job.

Then again, this could be in part due to some new grads seeking jobs in areas where there is not a shortage. These positions may be in specialty fields like pediatrics, NICU, cath lab, the OR, etc.

Thoughts: Is there a nursing shortage?

  • Yes
  • No

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I do think there is a shortage of RNs in the hospital workforce. Upon completion of an RN program most new RNs go to a hospital in order to gain experience. Most new RNs use the hospital as an internship of sorts in order to decide what to do next. One of the greatest things about becoming an RN is the versatility. Hospice, home health, education, insurance, workers compensation, physician’s office, surgery, management, and so on are all avenues that any RN can take. Rarely do you see a bedside nurse with more than 5-10 years of experience and this is because they have moved on.


So you’d agree it’s a shortage ONLY within the hospital setting. That would explain how some fields do not see the effects of a shortage, while hospitals constantly struggle with staffing issues.