Interview with an Intermediate Care Unit


Hello! A little bit about me, I’m a nursing student in my final semester of school. At the time of making this post, exactly 16 days from graduation. I’ve also got 3 more days left of capstone clinical hours to complete. Anyway, let’s move to the point. I’ve got an interview with an Intermediate Care Unit next week and I need some advice on what to expect. I haven’t had too much exposure to an IMC besides at work (I’m a PCT) and I’ve only floated there twice for short periods of time. This is the second request for an interview I’ve gotten from a hospital. The first interview I had was in a panel style where you speak with a group of floor nurses and then a group of nurse managers, educators, clinical coordinators, etc. I felt I did well with the first group but was intimidated by the 2nd and it probably showed. What tips can you give me to do well with this one? And from what I know, is it like a combination of an ICU and a med surg unit? Is it the same as progressive care or different? Any advice would be much appreciated!


Congrats on the interview. If you haven’t already, check out these two posts on general interview tips:

Specific to the IMCU, I have experience on this exact type of unit and it is essentially a progressive care, step-down type of floor. All of the patients will be on telemetry, and they should be one step down from ICU patients. You will probably be able to give and titrate certain drips, have patients on high levels of O2, possibly bipap, and the ratio will probably be 3:1 or 4:1.

Things you probably won’t have include vents, sedation, pressors, and other ICU type stuff. It’s a good unit to learn a lot but still have the comfort of being able to ship the patients off to a higher level of care (ICU) if shit hits the fan.


Thank you! I’ve been taking notes. My interview is this week :slight_smile:


That is a good tips. Thanks also for sharing.