How to prime for a full chamber without bubbles in the chamber and tube



Hello forum,
I read through the treads in this forum and there are knowledgeable people in this forum!

I am new to this field and currently struggling as biology is not my strongest subject.

I am training to be an EMT in an ambulance. But currently attached to an army camp to be EMT train with the combat medics.

Any one has any tips & tricks on how to prime an IV without bubbles in the shortest time?

Your expertise & reply will be much appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,


Here’s my perferred method:

  1. Hang the fluid bag on a pole (if you can’t hang it, then you can hold it between your head and should like a phone).
  2. Get your tubing and clamp the line.
  3. Then spike the bag and before you un-clamp, be sure to pinch the chamber first to get some fluid in there.
  4. Then un-clamp your tubing and try to have it upside down through all the y ports until it gets to the end and starts dripping.
  5. Then re-clamp and you should be good to go with no bubbles.