How to Cancel Interview Amicably?


I had a phone screening today for a pediatric home health position and the recruiter I spoke to was very receptive about my current situation. I was honest and verbalized that the current job market has been tough on me as I haven’t been accepted to any residency programs that start this February and that I’ve been honestly looking for anything I can get. When they asked me what I was looking for in a position, I stated that I was hoping that my prospective employer would provide some training to help build on the skills that I’ve gained from nursing school. They replied that they would be open to pairing me with lower acuity patients for a couple of months so that I could get comfortable but I’m not feeling so sure about this now. The interview will be with some nurses to answer clinical related questions and if I’m being honest, I don’t feel confident about it. The words that remain in my mind are that I need to learn how to be a REAL nurse now that I’ve got the license for it and I just don’t feel it is right for me to take a private duty nursing position as a new grad RN because I need to protect my license and gain more experience as well. How can I cancel without burning bridges with this employer?


If you don’t feel comfortable about the job, or if you just don’t think it’s a good fit for you as a new grad RN, you shouldn’t take that job. As for you not wanting to burn bridges with the company, are they part of a bigger healthcare organization? Or is this company a small home health agency, where you don’t plan to work with them in the future? If it is a smaller organization, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with telling them that you are pursuing other opportunities, but would contact them if that were to change. Granted, they probably won’t be thrilled with the response, but I don’t think that it would necessarily burn that bridge. If they are a larger organization, then perhaps you can still tell them that you are not sure that this particular job is a good fit for you, but inquire if they have other positions that they are hiring for that they could refer you to.


Thank you for your response! They are a small home health agency and because of that I don’t believe they have the resources to properly train me despite what the recruiter told me. Overall, it just doesn’t feel right ethically. I think I jumped the gun a bit because I’ve been desperate for a response from anyone at this point. I will contact them after the weekend and let them know that after much consideration I’m looking into other opportunities that are a better fit for me as a new grad. Your advice is much appreciated.


Sounds like it’s for the best, you don’t want to be in a job that you hate or you feel is bad for your career.