How Long Does it Take to Receive the Candidate Performance Report (CPR) if you Fail the NCLEX?

We have been asked a bunch about how long the candidate performance report (CPR) takes to be sent to you if fail the NCLEX, and we couldn’t get enough feedback from users to say definitively, so we reached out to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), and this is what they told us:

The Candidate Performance Report (CPR) is an individualized, two-page document providing candidates information regarding their performance within the eight NCLEX Test Plan content areas. Candidates can use the CPR as a guide to prepare to retake the exam. Candidates who pass the NCLEX will not receive a CPR.

The CPR is sent with NCLEX official results from the board of nursing/regulatory body (BON/RB), which may take up to six weeks to receive. For questions about the CPR, candidates should contact their BON/RB.

We know that results will vary by state, and the NCSBN’s range of up to 6 weeks is probably much longer than most people will have to wait.

Here is a response from a user living in NY state detailing a timeline of 1 week:

See the following post on how long it takes to get official NCLEX results:

I recently took my test and believe I failed as it sounds like everyone does, but I am 99.9% sure I didn’t because I had easy first questions that I know I got wrong for the stupid reasons of second guessing myself. A common problem for anxiety testers like myself. The test shut off at 85 and at that moment I knew I failed because I never really received questions that would evaluate more critical thinking questions. So basically I blew the easy stuff which denied me a chance to redeem myself. Anyway, I am expecting the email regarding why I failed and that says “Better luck next time”. My anxiety is killing me at this point and I see others have asked when they might receive that email, and I haven’t seen anyone follow up with how long it took after they sat for the exam.
If anyone received the email, please let me know how long it took. And in return, when I receive mine, I will post how long so that there is some data collection on this topic. Thank you.

Hi all! Just took my nclex, got 75 questions, pretty sure I failed because I didn’t know a single question. I tried the PVT and got the good message but that was immediately after the exam. My question is how quickly did people received the bad email, the CPR, and does it really take 48 to get the quick results or do they come sooner? Thanks

Hello everyone it’s been 14 days since I took my nclex (1/22/2019) & still no letter I keep getting the ‘Good Pop Up’ but still no update on breeze either… I go on the bvnpt website every single day and it says they’re still on week of January 12 reviewing nclex results received that day/week I also heard they are allegedly behind? I call and they are very rude… is anyone else experiencing this? It’s driving me crazy & what sucks is that cali has no ‘Quick results’ ! Anyone out there please help!

Cali definitely lags behind other states with their NCLEX results. We’ve heard of big backlogs before around 2 weeks so hopefully you’re at the tail end of the bottleneck and should get your results soon. Good news on a successful PVT though! Stay positive :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your response!! I called today and the lady mentioned that the one that uploads the results hasn’t gone thru mine yet that maybe tomorrow or Friday so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow will be the day I’m so anxious I have my job on hold because of this but time is limited :frowning:

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Hey NJ, I took the test on Saturday in CA and ran out of time and lost track of what number I was on :pleading_face: right after I got the email in like 15 mins and came home and tried PVT in like 30 mins and again on Sunday morning and got the good pop up with legit cc info! I tried 3 time and same good pop up. Any thoughts?

According to the PVT you passed

So I took my NCLEX yesterday morning and haven’t received the “bad” email yet, but from my understanding this won’t come for 2-5 days (ugh!)
My question is for the credit card PVT, does it still work the day after the exam??? And how can I enter an expired credit card? I tried that and PV won’t take the payment…

So I tried with a credit card and it said “payment was declined. Reason: contact your credit card company or use different credit card.” Is this good sign???

I got the same thing. Did u pass?

When I failed on 10/24/19, exactly one week later on 10/31/19 I got the CPR letter in the mail. I never got an email from the NCBSN telling me I failed. Only the letter in the mail. I live in NY, BTW.

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Hey, did you pass? I am currently in the same boat. Cut off at 75 yesterday and about fainted. I tried the PVT 12 hours after ( i made my friend hit submit because I was too scared to do it myself), and got the good popup. Got the good popup tonight too, ~ 36 hours later. My state board website also changed my application status from “Authorized to Test” to “Ready Issue” Agh the anticipation is killing me!

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