How Long Does it Take to Get Official NCLEX Results from the Board of Nursing (BON)?

Yaaaaaaaayyyy!!!. I passed. I just found out this morning.
Thank you.

congratz! where were you tested?

I tested in Houston Texas. Probably the hardest test I’ve taken till date.

Anyone tested on Tuesday in CA that heard back?

How long after this did you find out your result?

I also took the NCLEX on 07/09. Haven’t heard anything yet. The waiting is just so exhausting.

Please lmk if you do?! On my 3rd week of waiting and no results as of yet. Still getting the good pop up.

Any update? I’m still waiting :confounded:

OMG 3 weeks? When did you take your test? and its in CA? Have you tried calling?

If it is out of timeframe already, it is reasonable for you to call them and inquire about your situation.

I took my Nclex 7/10 8am in CA. My exam shut off at 83 questions… PVT done with “good pop-up”. Lmk how long it takes them to let you know official results. You may see your number on Breeze after 12am, I heard thats how it works :woman_shrugging:t5:

Let’s wait and update each other tonight!

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I passed. The PVT worked. did a little bit reading and this is what I think. In CA, if you take the test on Mon, Tues, or Wednesday, you license is posted on Friday starting at 0000. If you take the test on Thu, Friday, and Sat, you license is posted on Tuesday starting at 0000. So please dont freak out like me if your license is not available within 36-48 hrs like your friend did

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2 days. Tested on 9th, finished my exam just before 10am. Saw my name on the TexasBoN at 8am on Thursday 11th

I think you are right. I took mine Wednesday. My name showed on BRN verification site this morning.

I took my test 6/20 and just got my letter in the mail this past Saturday. I passed, it was delayed because of a traffic violation that I had. But Pearson vue trick did indeed work. :pray:t4:

If you want to find out if you passed and it has been a couple days, you can begin checking by going to your state’s BRN website and type in your name and do a search for your license number. If you have a current license, you obviously passed. Will take time to get the official written notification. Congrats to all who passed!! Took mine 7/18 and got my license # 7/20! :grin:

Hello Everyone,

I have taken my NCLEX-PN in San Diego California July 20, 2019 and I have tried the PVT once everyday if it would take my payment, I put in the right credit card number, right CCV just wrong expiration date and it never takes my payment i keep getting the good pop up.

So I guess PVT still works, I got a mail I passed Monday July 29, 2019 :slight_smile:

Also, i have read it somewhere that you can also check the trick on Breeze that if it lets you pay for your license that means you PASS :slight_smile:

I went to breeze when i saw that and I saw the one they were talking about but I am not sure if that really what it is.

For anyoneone else seeking answers! I know reading some posts helped. Took my LVN NCLEX in culver, CA on 7/24/19 Computer turned off at 85 questions and 36 SATA! Nuts! I was so confused I had never heard of anyone getting so many! got the good result via Pearson cue trick (YouTube it) 8 hours after I LEFT testing site. I felt good but I was holding my breath until I got OFFICIAL results from board. I received my (small envelope-1 page) letter informing me that I passed! Woo! So now I’m officially an LVN in CA and hold the world record for longest breath. Phew. Ive read of some people trying breeze website but i couldn’t figure that out?
Good luck to everyone!

85 questions: 36 SATA, 9 Place in order.
2ish hours with 1 assigned break.
8 hours for PVT
9 days to receive letter!!!
SoCal info!

Hello everyone,

I did my NCLEX last Friday 0800 AM on 09/20. The exam wasn’t really hard but I’m not sure from my answers. I went home and start reading about all tricks. Pearson Vue Trick doesn’t work for me and it is replying the card declined. I have been waiting all this past days and really anxious. Did anyone take the exam in this date or after and heard back by any way either pearson trick, Breeze website or BRN.

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