How is the NCLEX Scored? Quick Facts for NCLEX 2019

No worries :slight_smile:

It is possible that Pearson Vue has changed their pop-up messages over time, and we have updated the article to include a few variety of success messages. Your message looks extremely promising and I would assume that you have passed… congratulations! Please let us know when you get the official results!

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:crossed_fingers: Fingers crossed! Thank you, I will!


I PASSSSSED!!! :confetti_ball:

Thank you so much for answering my questions and in such a timely manner! I got my official results this afternoon!!!


Congratulations, Nance! Glad we could help :smiley:

So, I took the NCLEX-RN in California this morning. It cut off at 75, I have no idea how I did. Other then the fact that there were fewer than 5 SATA questions and only 2 (very easy) calculation questions, the rest seemed to be pharm and priority. I tried the PVT an hour or less after leaving, so I assume there is no way the response is truly accurate, but I am going to pretend it is…for today anyway! It takes an act of God to get through to the BRN here and I expect it’ll be several weeks before I really know anything. I am wondering though if you think there is any validity to the PVT “good pop up” message within an hour of taking the exam, or if it’s just standard. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I absolutely think there’s validity to the PVT. See this thread for details on that:

I hope you’ll report back when you get your final results!

I PASSED!!! :star_struck:

Took my NCLEX for the first time last week. I got 112 questions, a lot of difficult SATA and prioritization questions, and only 2 math questions. I did the PVT right after the test, and got the good pop up, but I wanted to wait until the results were 100% official. Thank you for this thread, it kept me sane :slight_smile:


Congratulations! I’m glad you got a random question cutoff number, because it gives credence to the way that the NCLEX functions. Too many people are focused on a number like 75 or 265 that they think will determine their passing chances. But the truth is that you can pass with any number of questions from 75-265.

If my test shuts of at 75 (or any number) out of the questions I received are 15 of the questions out of the 75 not counted against me?

That’s a good question. Are you asking if 15 questions are guaranteed to be experimental questions for every NCLEX?

Not sure about that, but as of 2017, there is such a thing as a special research section which appends to the end of your NCLEX, is randomly assigned (with parameters), and can be exited at any time. These questions are not counted for any credit. Perhaps they’ve replaced random experimental questions in people’s NCLEX’s with this new tail end section.

Either way, experimental questions are NOT going to count for or against you.

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Thank you for your reply : ) .

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Did you officially pass, and did the pearson vue trick work for you? Also, how long does California make you wait?

hey, i just took my boards today. i took all 265 questions so this might be different for someone who takes less, but the experimental questions are denoted as experimental and do not count towards your actual score.

Seeing as you actually receieved the experimental questions, would you find this seciton of the article to be accurate?

I actually didn’t know I could opt out of the questions. After 4 hours, it was difficult to focus on experimental questions- some being absolutely nothing like what was in the NCLEX itself.

But short answer: yes!

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I just took my NCLEX exam and almost ran out of time. When i clicked next on the 265 question I had about 1 minute left remaining. Thoughts of failure were going through my mind and 2 days after I payed $8 to view the results and I passed! On my first try!! Thank you NCLEX gods! Sat there for 6 hours and took the entire exam… never again

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Congratulations to you!

This is helpful. Thanks for sharing.

Just took my Nclex today. Got to 181 question and only 15 minutes left out of the 6 hours. Then the experimental questions pop came up, so I ran out of time to finish them. Im wondering if I passed or not since it didn’t shut down, instead the experimental questions continued. :upside_down_face:

It sounds like your NCLEX reached a certainty threshold cutoff, which just means that the computer was confident in your performance level. If it is above the passing threshold then you’ll pass, and if it was under, then you won’t. The experimental questions do not have to be answered, and don’t affect your score, so don’t worry about not finishing them.

Check out the PVT to see if you passed before you get your official results:

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