How do you go about analyzing an NCLEX style question


Hello everyone!

I was talking with a fellow nursing student and friend about answering NCLEX style questions. My thought process is that after reading the question, I assess the ABCs, think about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and lastly consider Erickson’s stages for the patient.

So I was wondering, how do you guys go about analyzing NCLEX style questions?


I think that’s a good strategy. I was taught to always emphasize safety first. The NCLEX is a minimum competency test, and they are more focused on safe nursing practice then an incredible knowledge base.


Another good strategy is trying to find similar answer choices and different answer choices. If you have a bunch of similar answers and a different answer, it could either be that the odd one out is wrong or correct. Like if answers A, B, and D are all similar, and you know one or two of them are wrong, and answer C is different than the rest, then it’s probably the correct answer.

Also avoid the “call the doctor” answer choices unless you cannot do anything else as a nurse first.

Check out this free book for lots of NCLEX strategies:


That’s a solid approach. You always want to do the safest thing first for the patient, and progressing from ABCs to Maslow to Erickson is good.

Keep in the back of your mind, “Which of these things can kill the patient the fastest if I do nothing?”… probably an answer.


Great. Thanks for this.