How Accurate Is the Pearson Vue Trick (PVT) in 2020 (With Data)

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Read further for the full statistics and link to the real-time data.

Good pop-up accuracy

100% as of 08/25/2020

Bad pop-up accuracy

~85% as of 08/25/2020

What is the Pearson Vue Trick (PVT)?

Nursing school graduates have been doing the PVT for years in attempts to find out whether or not they passed the NCLEX prior to receiving official results from their State Boards of Nursing. The PVT is a great, yet unofficial way to see exactly that.

If you are wondering about the PVT itself, and what it is all about, you can find out more in the following article:

How Accurate is the PVT?

Of course, it is of paramount importance to know the ins and outs of the PVT, specifically the accuracy of the trick.

Here at Nursejanx, we have been collecting data from the online nursing community for years, but we want to open this up to you all in a broader effort than ever before, and share with you all in real-time, what the data is showing.

You can click the following link to view our data collection efforts and see how accurate the PVT is, with statistics broken down into categories such as “Good Popup,” “Bad Popup,” and specific types of bad popups such as payment processed, or payment rejected accuracy rates.

Real-time data

Share your data :slight_smile:

If you have already taken the NCLEX and received official results (and tried the PVT), please share your experience with the nursing community.

Every data point improves the overall accuracy and you can truly give back to the community in an invaluable way that will be appreciated by all who will walk in your footsteps as new graduate nurses for years to come.

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